TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (How not to become outcast)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-how-not-to-become-outcastGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you how intuition can change your life.

As you already know, Intuition is Soul’s voice.

And if you learn to live listening only to its voice, not the things whispered in by your Mind, Ego, habits or fear for the unknown, your life can really change drastically.

But, unfortunately, while you are still living in the third dimension world, you should expect life in consistence with your Soul will not be much approved of by your family who had quite different plans concerning you.

Very often a person who can listen to themselves, not others, and, consequently, having gained inner freedom and living according to quite different laws – Divine ones, not the ones imposed on people by the third dimension world, turns into an outcast.

Neither their family or friends nor acquaintances or colleagues understand them. They are looked upon as “lost sheep” that got astray from the flock.

So, you must have really unshakable Belief in yourself and your mission so as to withstand lack of understanding and sometimes undisguised attacks, too for your close people’s part.

Right now I will give you some tips how to preserve yourself and your Soul at the least moral expense still finding yourself in the third dimension world.

First. Never make any “abrupt movements” – neither in actions, nor in words.

This is what I mean by saying this.

If being guided by your Soul – your intuition – you have decided to change your lifestyle completely, be it your personal life, job or hobbies, do not rush to announce about this to the people around.

Before all, you have to make sure that you have got everything right for yourself: let your decision rest, strengthen and get matured.

And only when it is beyond the shadow of doubt that it is correct, you can in a delicate but firm manner prepare your family for the coming changes in your and, consequently, their life.

Let us have a case study.

Suppose, you have made up your mind to change a prestigious well-paid job you do not like for the one that will bring you genuine satisfaction.

For example, a person worked for a big company with many people under them. This person had a huge responsibility and had to stay late at work.

They are worn out and, besides, the things they did brought them no joy.

While their Soul has been constantly repeating: “Turn your hobby – the thing you really love – into work”.

And they eventually have the courage to give up their prestigious well-paid job and become what they have been dreaming of for a long time but did not dare because of the good old prestige and desire to support their family in an appropriate way.

Yet, they themselves all their life have been dreaming of becoming a gardener, a musician, an artist or, maybe, a hairdresser or a tailor – in a word, a man of creative profession that enables them to really fulfill themselves not being a cog in somebody else’s machine to produce goods and services.

This decision of theirs can come as a shock for their family since such job is not prestigious to their mind and what is more they do not want to lose their usual material values.

At this point, so as to find a compromise, they have to show diplomatic abilities indeed – find the reasons that will help them to get their end and keep on getting on well with the family members as well.

It may take some days or even a week but a conversation in a calm and friendly manner and sensible explanations will help to arrive to the compromise required.

While sharp phrases having the nature of an ultimatum can ruin family relationships forever and the freedom gained will not bring this person the long-awaited joy.

Here we will stop for today.

Endlessly loving,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 14, 2019.

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  1. Cc says:

    I study everything you post I’d like ppl to know more about this ascension and wat the knowledge they to know. I have just started working with Gaia and on this 12th chakra and higher. This may help those . First you need to feel her frequency of her. now frequency may be wrong term but this feels like love I hurt very bad and I also get a comfortable feeling and she’s been trying to connect to us all this is in us all u need recognize this feeling. And it’s horrible wat where doing with her we are all connected this love is the truth . our mission. After connecting with her I had visualized with my emotions hugging Gaia feeling her pain telling her sry for these ppl that are not in the knowing And I give my self to help this world awaken and eventually ascend. And you all even me should be very hurt we are all horrible for not knowing this not waking and not love her . Her love is everywhere and we can easily be awoken after tthat work your chakras to help her

    1. Conrad Mormann says:

      Thank you for your knowledge. I don’t claim anything to be mine. I se the works and I see the importance and untill we all see the importance I feel like there’s not much time I wanted to let ppl know in the best self caring way for them to see is this feeling true and if not wat is this feeling. Of this feeling that stands out to me so much I know it’s the love.but there’s something else am I wrong.


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