LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Detaching from alien programmes)

life-on-new-earth-detaching-from-alien-programmesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to offer you one more practice on dissolution of alien programmes instilled into your conscience by the Dragons.

For this you should rise to another floor of the imagined power pyramid and this time work with high caste reptiloids that develop human conscience influence programmes at the physical level.

And it concerns absolutely all spheres of your life.

From early childhood a child is taught they must CONSUME.

As a child is growing this desire gains in size and like rust corrodes human conscience.

Thereby, one is led astray from the spiritual way making them all their life take new and new “baits” as images of glamour life that is seemingly should be strived for to be happy, successful, rich…

By the mutual efforts of the Dragons, the Dragon reptiles and high caste reptiloids there were worked out clear-cut schemes and programmes for human conscience control.

I will not focus on their principles of work but just will say that they are introduced really skillfully and competently, which results in their being firmly fixed in human subconscience literally “taking root” in there.

And to dissolve these programmes and to ultimately get rid of them one should make a lot of efforts indeed.

I have already offered you a lot of practices on negative emotions neutralization but the one I would like to offer you today differs from all the previous ones because it enables you to block the very energy channels that all alien programmes descend to you.

But first, you should understand what programmes are alien to humans.

Before all, it is everything that is not consistent with your Soul’s desire, that is, it does not feature spiritual aspect.

Ask your Soul if it makes any difference to it what make car you drive, what brand clothes you wear, what size house you live in and many more – all the things that are vigorously foisted off to you by advertisement and mass media.

And it will answer that the only thing that matters to it is your inner STATE – your being healthy, happy, calm, balanced and grateful for everything you have, so that Light and Love overflow you and you can generously share them with the people around.

All the rest is artificially imposed on you and, consequently, is programmes alien to you.

And today’s practice is designed to burn down all your energy ties to these programmes – dissolve them once and for all.

To make it easier for you to visualize it you can imagine these programmes as little boxes from which there go energy cords to you.

And from the other side by means of the cords of the same kind these boxes are connected to a huge computer, the one from which signals through these boxes enter your subconscience provoking your actions that are required not by you or your Soul but by your enslavers.

Each person on Earth is literally loaded with these “boxes” of programmes – to a larger or smaller degree but no one has escaped this destiny for all the centuries of living side by side with reptiloid on one planet.

But it is time to get rid of this “load” – disconnect yourself from these devil “cords” and burn them down with the Flame of Universe Love.

So, having invoked all your Heavenly patrons and the Flame of Universe Love, in a slow and calm way start to burn down all the alien artificial programmes introduced into your subconscience.

Watch all the energy “cords” connected to you burning down in this flame, one by one these sinister “boxes” falling down and this time hanging on the “cord” connecting them to their head computer…

Feel easiness and freedom in your head…

It will seem to you that even your body has become light and weightless…

And it is really so, for your subtle bodies that are part of your conscience have been released from the alien captivity and are taking a deep breath of freedom…

Do this meditation, my dear, until you feel your conscience has completely got rid of everything unnecessary and artificial.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 21, 2020.

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