at-all-frontsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to continue talking about the current events on your planet and to focus this time on the work of the Light Forces at the subtle level of it.

This work to some extent is a mirror reflection of the things taking place at the physical level of Earth.

The same as those participating in the struggle with the deep state risk their lives, so do the ones who help you in the near-earth space, with heated battles having been combated for a long time between the Galaxy Light Federation representatives and your invaders – the Dragon reptiles and the Orions.

Your galaxy brothers are closely connected with their allies on Earth trying as much as possible to coordinate their actions with them, with these actions being taken in three main directions: energy, psychological and physical.

And we will consider in details each of them.

Energy direction is, first of all, work with a certain layer of people whose vibrations allow to conduct to Earth powerful flows of new energies that themselves endanger low vibration creatures who the representatives of the deep state are.

These energies encourage their conscience and physical bodies’ imbalance, for they can exist only in low vibrations of the third dimension world.

It is partially accounts for the chaotic and absurd actions of some of the world government’s will’s executors.

Well, such work is of pointwise character right now: powerful energy flows are directed to groups of creatures and even certain individuals who are most dangerous to humanity.

Psychological direction is psychic influence on the world top’s representatives and their henchmen.

One of the main factors of such influence is spreading of information on the world government plans and their liaison with dark worlds.

And while on Earth this information appears mostly on the Internet, at the subtle level it is “broadcasted” by means of the energy structures these or those low vibration creatures being embodied as humans are connected to.

Therefore even those unaware of the events taking place on Earth intuitively feel threatened and worried, as well as psychologically unstable.

And eventually, physical direction.

On Earth it is arrests of the most odious representatives of the deep state and trial proceedings in their respect.

Something of the kind is going on in the near-earth space, too.

The Galaxy Federation spaceships are patrolling Earth preventing human-hostile extraterrestrial civilizations from intervening into the current processes on the planet.

At the same time there is unceasing exchange of information and coordination of actions between space fleet command and earthly heads of the Alliance that is carrying out the operation on the deep state liquidation.

As you see, my dear, your Galaxy family has been supporting you for a long time now, and quite soon this information will become available to the general public.

And for the time being get more actively involved into the campaign on your planet’s deliverance using all your knowledge – theoretical and practical thereby fortifying the energy and psychological direction of work of earthly and space forces.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 14, 2021.

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