window-on-new-world-in-outGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the things you should do to destroy the third dimension “matrix” of your conscience.

After you protect yourself from the seat of influence on your conscience produced by the mainstream media, you can move on to the next point.

Second. Deliverance of conscience from general mental and emotional patterns of your mentality and behaviour.

What general patterns are?

Among them there can rank everything that concerns stereotypes of the third dimension world man’s worldview that is based on duality.

And, before all, it is the principle of “in-out” that has been embedded into human subconscience this time.

In the third dimension world it can be witnessed at every turn both in state relationships and personal ones.

Why is it this principle that has got so firmly fixed in your subconscience?

The reason is, mostly, the fact that it is this one that has been trained in human society for millennia by the Dragon reptiles who seized power on your planet.

They understood perfectly well that only “dividing” people they would be able to “rule over” them.

This is the reason why there were made boundaries between states that “divided” not only territories but also drew “border lines” in human heads according to national, political and religious principles.

Further on there was cultivated division in one’s personal space too – according to the family, clan, professional and friend principles.

And now it is time to realize all the artificiality of such division on Earth.

But having realized that, it is necessary to transform one’s conscience the way to work out in oneself a balanced and harmonious approach to the events in progress worldwide.

I am perfectly aware of the fact, my dear, how hard this task is.

How can you consider “ins” those who ruin health and life of people shamelessly disposing of their destinies believing they are the rightful masters of Earth?

It especially concerns recent years when the battle between the Forces of Good and Evil on Earth has reached its final stage.

So as to overcome this obstacle, remember what we have already spoken about with you a lot of times.

Treat the “villains” of all kinds as fairy tale characters that exist both in your life and the life of your planet in order to revive your Divinity.

For it is in dire straits, with a life-and-death struggle being in progress, when humans can show the best traits they have: power of Spirit, wisdom and desperate intrepidity.

Remember the stories about the facts when being within a hair’s breadth of death people got enormous physical strength activated that under usual circumstances is simply impossible.

Well, the strength like this should show in humanity now but spiritual one this time, which will allow you to get ultimately free from the captivity of the third dimension matrix.

And it is these “villains” of the global scale that can elicit this strength in you who are the deep state’s representatives both hidden and apparent ones.

And in this – Divine – sense even they can become your “ins” since they encourage your swift spiritual growth and profound understanding of the crucial processes now in progress on Earth.

The very fact of getting rid of this pattern– the “in-out” principle – can cleanse a huge “layer” of the dual world perception that has become firmly fixed in your subconscience.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 15, 2023.

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