ASCENSION IN ACTION (The laws of the universe – inevitability of the requital)

ascension-in-action-the-laws-of-the-universe-inevitability-of-the-requitalToday we’ll continue our conversation about the Laws of the Universe, and now will discuss how to combine them with the laws, established by the people in 3D.

Despite the differences, which I have mentioned in my previous message, of course, there are some points of convergence between them.

It is mainly relevant to the lawful measures, which are directed for blocking the aggressive human behavior, which causes physical and moral harm to other people.

But here is also a significant difference between them.

For example, according to the Laws of the 3D world, in case of aggression against someone, the guilty person is punished by monetary fine or incarceration.

But the Laws of the Universe work differently. Such a person will INEVITABLY pay for his crime, but the punishment may come from where he does not expect it.

And its effect may be even stronger than physical incarceration or monetary compensation for the crime.

Suppose, a person under the influence of alcohol or simply by being in aggressive state have offended a passerby, a person completely unknown to him.

If there were no witnesses and the offended person could not stand up for himself, then from a human point of view the offender have avoided punishment.

But from the Divine point of view, practically all the Laws of the Universe have been transgressed, the Law of Unity, the Law of Free Will, the Law of Reflection, and the Law of Cause and Effect.

That’s why, all the negative energies that have been directed at the passerby, will (INEVITABLY) return to the offender, according to the similarity of vibrations. And not necessarily from the person he had offended.

It could be a completely different person, even the most loved and dear to him, who will “return” the same feelings and emotions, that the offender have splashed some time ago at the person unknown to him.

Now let us look at another example.

A person has received an award for his charitable actions – certificate of merit, a medal or a monetary reward.

What is important here is which feelings and emotions motivated a person in his charitable activity.

If it has come from a pure heart, and not from the desire to show off or from vanity, the desire to stand out or to reap benefits from his work, then the Universe will reward such a person with even greater generosity than people could have done.

The Gifts of Heaven will literally descend upon him and even from where he have  not expected.

But if the thoughts and emotions of the lower vibrations have been at the basis of his “kind actions,” then he may get troubles as his “reward,” the causes of which will be difficult to understand, because they will be energetically attracted, according to the similarity of vibrations.

That’s how the Laws of the Universe work.

It is impossible to avoid them, because it is beyond the power of the people of 3D world to have influence over them.

Always remember that , dear ones.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you

Channelled by Marta on May 7, 2018

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