WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Between fourth and Fifth dimensions)

window-on-new-world-between-fourth-and-fifth-dimensionsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the changes that will occur to you as long as you start to cross the border line separating the fourth dimension from the Fifth one more and more often.

It will happen to each of you when your vibrations will allow you to plunge into the high vibration space of the Fifth dimension with no detriment to your psyche or physical body.

We have already spoken a lot about the fact that abrupt transition from the third dimension to the Fifth one is fraught with severe mental shocks, to say the least of the physical body that suffers enormous overloads dangerous to it.

This is the reason why you are given a preparatory smooth transitional period of your stay in the fourth dimension.

Just the same way as you are going to and fro – now finding yourselves in the magic condition of the fourth dimension inhabitant and admiring the space that has transformed around you, now diving into the reality of the third dimension world again – you will visit the world of the Fifth dimension studying it step by step and getting used to it too.

What is the difference between the worlds of the fourth and Fifth dimensions?

Before all, it is that the fourth dimension is a world of high frequencies though its vibrations so far do not allow one to create one’s reality by power of thought fast enough for any desire to be immediately materialized.

And it is accounted for by the fact that so far you have not learnt to control your thoughts to the extent that prevents any negative emotions from penetrating them.

And this is exactly what your “pass” to the Fifth dimension is.

Why is it dangerous to you?

The answer, first of all, is that in high vibration spaces, unlike the third dimension world, an energy “boomerang” goes off immediately and, consequently, any negative thought or emotion of yours will come back to you having reflected from the person, object or event you thought badly about.

Besides, in this case such a notion as “thought badly” includes such seemingly innocent emotions as the fear of the unknown, doubt, uncertainty and lack of self-confidence.

In such a mood you will not be able to create your reality in the world of the Fifth dimension and so as to save you from disappointment and lack of faith in yourself, you are simply not permitted there.

This way, they secure you from failures allowing you more time for preparation and providing chance to gain experience in the “dressing-room” of the Fifth dimension which the present-day fourth dimension is where many of you find yourselves not all the time but quite often now.

And the other reason for your prolonged preparatory period for the eventual Transition to the Fifth dimension is valuable experience of your spiritual work that you can share with others thereby pulling up those legging behind but potentially ready for Transition.

And the number of people like these is getting larger and larger every single day.

And believe me, my dear, it is not artificial restraining of completely revived people but a natural process of getting used to the realities new to you and providing you with opportunity to help newly revived people make up for the lost time as soon as possible.

So, you yourselves become a “bridge” for them thrown from the third dimension to the fourth one.

And as soon as they are able to overcome this border line, you will throw another “bridge” for them from the fourth to the Fifth dimension this time.

But to do so, you should settle firmly in it so as not to stumble at the very last moment and not to let down those who trustfully follow you.

For this purpose as often as possible imagine you are a beautiful, firm and reliable energy “traject” for thousands of people who have just revived and taking their cue from you are heading for a new wonderful world.

Do not rush things but enjoy a new experience.

And remember, whatever hard, it is wonderful and unique, while you yourselves turned out to be the very few lucky people who have got an opportunity to live it through.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 1, 2022.

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  1. tara young says:

    I want to thank Marta and the people who work with her for her fantastic work. I follow you every day, it’s a real help in my life. Thanks to Father Absolute, my “Dad”, thanks to you. Love and light to you all


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