Ascension in Action (Second chakra)

ascension-in-action-second-chakraGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll speak about our second chakra and about the changes it undergoes in this period of the Shift from 3D to 5D.

In the 3D world, this chakra is a sexual center in the chakra system, but in the process of raising your vibrations it will gradually transform into depository of the feminine and masculine principles, containing all its components.

Because a purely sexual attraction, characteristic of many people in the world of 3D, cannot exist in the world of 5D due to its lower vibrations; this chakra would assume the functions of searching for ones second half.

The unification of the feminine and masculine principles in the world of higher vibrations will have a completely different character.

Sexual attraction will be based upon spiritual closeness, and it will carry within it the Divine principle and not an animal passion as it often happens in the world of 3D.

When you finally move into the world of the higher vibrations, the search for other halves will happen naturally and harmoniously; but while you stay in the world of 3D, many of you may experience difficulties and you have to be ready for them, dear ones.

Those of you, who have reached the high level of spiritual development, may experience physical and psychological discomfort with your wives and husbands, with whom destiny have united you, but with whom you don’t feel closeness and a soul connection.

Especially difficult, it is for the families who have children, because the rift between the parents is always a tragedy for the gentle souls of the children.

And here, dear ones, I cannot give you an advice, because each family is unique and special. Only your Soul can suggest the right decision for you, which would be optimal for all members of your family.

Unfortunately, such a great and grandiose event as the Shift of the Earth into the new energy space cannot happen painlessly for all the inhabitants of the Earth.

It is because all of you are in a drastically different stages of your development, and the souls of very different ages are united in one family, and the people are stratified according to their vibrations; it is all happening with a very rapid speed, thanks to the energies flowing to the earth now.

Some people accept these energies with their whole beings and make a giant leap in their development, but others reject them and undergo degradation, “becoming a food” for the lower astral beings.

And after all, I can give you one advice: Love your family members, despite everything.

Even if you are meant to separate, do that as softly as possible, finding compromises and not causing harm to each other’s souls.

And the most important thing – you need to do everything to prevent the suffering of the children, to ensure that they live in an atmosphere of love, regardless of the way the destinies of their parents will be.

And to those of you who have not found their second half yet, I wish you won’t hurry in choosing your companion in life, but listen to your Soul and heart, and then your second chakra would reach the level of the higher energy centers in its vibrations.

Only then you would find a true Harmony and Love.

I bless you, dear ones, for the unification with your second Divine halves!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 22, 2018

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