Ascension in Action (Immersion into the new reality)

ascension-in-action-immersion-into-the-new-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I’d like to speak with you about the first three chakras, which for many of the 3D people are the main chakras, leading them through life, because they are the ones that are responsible for connection with the material world and everything related to it.

But what’s happening with these chakras with the people, whose consciousness was raised to the level of 4D and sometimes even to 5D, but who still stay physically in the world of 3D?

They will start to rise in their vibrations to the level of the upper chakras, gradually reclaiming their initial qualities of the Divine man.

And now you must apply certain efforts to help the lower chakras to rebuild and finally to get rid of the lower vibrational energies, which they had needed to survive in the world of duality.

Today I will give you a practice for your first chakra, which would help you to tune in with the vibrations of the Earth.

Let’s call it “Immersion into the new reality.”

For that, you need to sit in meditation, call all your Divine helpers, breathe deeply and then to imagine your first chakra as an opened lotus flower, which is the foundation of all your chakra system.

Imagine how from the center of this flower the axis is rising, on which all the remaining chakras are located, and as they extend higher their sizes are progressively increased.

It is similar to the upside down children’s pyramid, which consists of seven multicolored rings that are increased in sizes.

And your task consists of the following: that your “lotus” would be a connecting link between the energies of the new Earth and your own energies and with the energies that are now coming from Space.

It would be a certain kind of “anchoring” into the new reality of 5D.

Try to immerse with your consciousness into the first chakra – your lotus.

Then call the energy of Light and Love and imagine that the current of this energy flows into your seven chakras and slowly goes through all your energy centers.

Feel as this current envelopes each of them.

Some of you may feel spinning of this current around your chakras.

But for others, it would go softly and smoothly, without stopping, towards the very first chakra.

Do not hurry and do not try to influence this energy with your consciousness, because it knows very well, which of your chakras need more and which ones less.

Believe me, it would do anything to balance and bring them into complete harmony.

When this current would reach your root chakra, it would be colored by your own energy, strengthening it greatly and giving it unique individual traits of your personality; then it would continue its path further to the very center of Earth.

It would not be simply “anchoring,” to which you are accustomed, but immersing into the new reality – your merging with the Earth and its subtle bodies that are in 5D.

Feel that you are in the pillar of light, where your first chakra is the connecting link between the center of the Earth and the center of the Universe.

You can do this meditation every time, when you feel that you are too far above the Earth or, on the contrary, extremely “down to Earth.”

It would help you to balance your chakras, which means your psychic and physical state, and also to bring your vibrations to the level of the Earth.

And I bless you for that, dear ones, for this interesting and creative work!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 21, 2018

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