WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Till glorious end)

window-on-new-world-till-glorious-endGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, after we have considered the main components of present-day power-holding structure that are almost identical in all the countries of the world, let us talk about the way you can oppose the global conspiracy against humanity.

As you see, this structure is based on the fact that all the brunches of power are closely “interweaved” since they have one and the same “master” – the deep state that make their policy through the field employees.

Yet, these “fields” are not only key state posts but also hundreds of thousands of minor positions that are scattered across the most significant brunches of politics, economy, finance, military and entertainment industry.

Generally speaking, all power-holding structures of the overwhelming majority of the countries all around the globe have found themselves under globalists’ control.

Sometimes, seemingly unimportant post in this or that sector can turn the tide, which has always been staked on by the deep state.

So, for example, during the hysteria globalists unleashed in terms of the non-existing pandemic a huge impact was produced on people by their doctors.

Therefore, the bribery of medical staff all around the world acquired monstrous scale indeed.

A lot of doctors literally sold their souls to devil making a fortune on suffering of gullible people.

As you already know, “treatment” of those ill with “coronavirus” was arranged the way to make as many people leave the physical level as possible.

And the main tool in this respect became general vaccination and compulsory artificial pulmonary ventilation.

Just imagine how much medical staff was involved into these crimes.

And the majority of them were quite aware of what and why they did.

As a result of long and laborious work on all power tools seizure by NONhumans, local corruption and bribery led to the fact that honest and decent people were gradually removed from all crucial sectors of human activity and their positions were taken by globalists’ protégés who obediently worked off their fees.

And this cheerless picture is the evidence of the necessity to destroy criminal power-holding structures not by parts but as a whole – there is simply no other way out.

And since to cope with such an enormous task does not seem possible for common people, you will be provided with the support from above – from the subtle level that has been waiting in the wings for a lot of years now.

But it will be on when you find yourselves on the very brink of the precipice: when all opportunities of yours are totally exhausted.

Yet, you have to try all the means of struggle against your planet’s conquerors so as to feel co-participants of the great changes on Earth and destiny of humanity in general.

And believe me, my dear, it is not cruelty for the part of the Forces of Light by the desire to let you feel the taste of Victory yourselves, the one gained by Divine creatures – creators of their own reality, just who you actually are.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 17, 2023.

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  1. YourChoice says:

    Thank you Father and to all above watching over us! Thank you Father for every time you mention freedom! Thank you to all above for your sincere help! I know in my heart we have achieved victory over the ones who slave etc humanity, I know there is much more needed to be done, however you can rely on the ones who cherish freedom


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