Our Mutual Ascension (The Golden treasury)

our-mutual-ascension-the-golden-treasuryGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll speak about another important characteristic of your sixth chakra.

We’ll discuss its ability to keep the very essence, a concentration, of your experiences in previous lives.

And if your buddhic body keeps an entire volume of your experiences, your sixth chakra sifts through all the unnecessary parts and leaves only what you could utilize for your spiritual development.

It is similar to the gold digger, who carefully searches through all the “sands” of your former lives and gently puts in his “bag” only the gold nuggets.

And as soon as occasion arises, it takes it out from the treasury and shows to you.

How does it happen? Of course, it happens differently for each person.

Sometimes, they show us in our dreams the episodes from our former lives, which give the key to understanding what is happening with us now.

And if a person’s spiritual development is sufficient, he would be able to compare his dream and reality and reach a necessary conclusion.

But more often it happens with those, who enter their former lives during meditations, being in the flow of the higher vibrational Divine energies.

They help to open the “third eye” of a person, and then he retrieves out of his precious “bag” the right “golden nugget,” exactly the one he needs to see at this moment.

And now I’ll give you one meditation, which would help you to enter this treasury, where all your accumulated life experiences are kept.

Let’s call it “The Golden Treasury.”

Call upon the Creator and all your Divine helpers for help. Sit in meditation, relax and breathe deeply.

And then move with your consciousness into your “third eye” and ask it to open completely.

You would definitely feel the changes that are happening with the area, which will be experienced differently for each person.

And if you feel that it is opened, ask it to show you the most important information, exactly what you need to see right now for complete liberation from all the programs of three dimensional world, something which is impeding you from moving forward.

The response may come to you in the form of pictures from former lives or in the form of a very strong emotions – such as fear for yourself or for your loved ones, fear of the unknown, feelings of guilt or pride, aggression, resentment, envy, jealousy, another words, whatever interferes with your peace and harmony.

Accept everything that you would see and feel, feeling Love and Gratitude for the experience you had gained and dissolve all the negative emotions, whose residue stayed in your subtle bodies, with the energy of Light and Love.

Feel as it spreads as warmth through your emotional, mental, causal, and buddhic bodies, and when it reaches the atmic body, you would feel such Bliss, being filled with Divine energies, that you’ll want to keep this state forever.

And you are capable of this, dear ones, because you are the Creators of your lives.

And I bless you for that!

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 28, 2018.

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