WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Neutralizing cause)

window-on-new-world-neutralizing-causeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to offer you one more practice that is the continuation of the one I offered you in my previous message.

As soon as you learn to “redirect” all the negative thoughts and emotions you get “upwards” – to the energy space of the sixth and seventh chakras, you can move on to the next step.

And this is what it is about.

After you have neutralized negative energy into more or less neutral, you can go on transforming it towards the increase of vibrations.

For this you should do the following.

Depending on the kind of energy that initially escaped from you, you will have to “reprogramme” it from “minus” into “plus”.

For example, you can well turn the energy of anger into the Flame of Universe Love directing it to the place where the crime was committed or to the people guilty of it.

I know, my dear, how much your Soul is aching because of the current events in Russia and Ukraine.

And since you know the underlying reason of these events as well as about those who have masterminded this tragic confrontation of the Slavonic nations, you can carry out work at both the territories of the countries and the ringleaders of the conflict.

But it is extremely important for this work to be carried out in the energies of high vibrations – with no emotions of anger, offense or aggression.

And now we will dwell on the energy processes that you can launch and what their consequences will be like.

Let us start from the very beginning making use of the previous practice, too.

For instance, you read or heard the latest reports from the front line that provoked a storm of negative emotions of yours.

And if you approach this mindfully, you will be straight away able to send these emotions for “remelting” to your upper chakras – the sixth and seventh ones.

Afterwards, having being “purified”, they could be transformed into the energy of the Flame of Universe Love which you will be able to “treat” all the territory of the military conflict with, as well as its initiators.

You do not actually have to know their names since its genius masterminds always remain behind the scenes, while the ones you see are just executors – the obedient marionettes of the deep state’s representatives.

Therefore, you can formulate your intention, for example, with the following words:

I ask the Flame of Universe Love to neutralize the executors and those guilty of the tragedy that is taking place in Russia and Ukraine for the promptest arrival of peace for the greatest good of all.

Meanwhile it is really essential to remain absolutely calm and uninvolved in your thoughts and emotions.

Do not put your way of understanding the events into the process by any means because whatever you think it will turn out too far from being the reality.

By all means invoke all the Forces of Light for help.

Unlike you they have a lot of things opened to them that is why it is them who will direct the Flame of Universe Love you anchored at Earth pointwise – to the places and living beings that are to blame for the conflict.

Such practice will not only enable you to keep you vibrations at the appropriate level but also make your contribution to the promptest end of the conflict.

Do it as often as possible, my dear.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 5, 2023.

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