WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Sixth stage – uniting of all countries and nations into One family)

window-on-new-world-sixth-stage-uniting-of-all-countries-and-nations-into-one-familyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the stages of mass revival of humanity.

The sixth stage is uniting of all countries and nations into One family.

But, of course, it does not mean each country’s identity and culture will be destroyed as it is the case now.

On the contrary, the reverse process of history and culture renaissance will start in terms of all the nations that inhabit Earth.

As you know, for centuries the true history of your Earth has been concealed, distorted and ruined by your conquerors.

It is easy to explain: same as they were afraid of bright individuality and inner freedom of a person, so they were scared of uniqueness and peculiarity of each country and each nation that featured their own collective conscience and very powerful at that.

This way not only personal freedom of humans was suppressed by the representatives of the deep state but the former were deprived of their cultural and ethnic roots thereby being turned into dutiful slaves without kith or kin.

This is the only way they could with impunity put to life their plans on total enslavement of people and turning Earth’s population into huge featureless grey mass.

And in recent years their activity in this sphere has reached horrifying scale indeed.

But these creatures have gone even further than that: now they are trying not only to deprive one of one’s identity, belonging to one’s country, its culture and traditions – they are depriving one of their innate essence, one’s Divinity too.

In many countries of the world not only adults but also children are almost forcibly pushed to gender change, sexual perversions, while pedophilia is being given a status of a norm and same sex marriages are being made all over the world.

Not in the least it is concealed but announced in many information sources including official ones.

Sometimes it seems to you that the world has gone crazy, doesn’t it, my dear?

Well, it is actually so.

And it results from the fact that at the helm of the leading countries of the world there became firmly settled the representatives of the secret world government long ago, which we have already discussed with you a lot of times.

That is why to break this vicious system and return humans to the “bosom” of their essence is only possible by expulsion of these creatures from your planet who are alien to you and for whom humans are nothing but small change on their way to power.

And as soon as people overthrow their criminal governments that drive them into this mad inhuman world, everything will change very quickly.

Spiritual Unity of people will sweep away all borders, all bureaucratic impediments on the way to their getting united into one common family of Earthlings where each nation like a precious purl will take its place in a unique and wonderful “necklace” that encircles your planet.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 1, 2022.

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