LIFE ON NEW EARTH (All-triumphant Flame of Love)

life-on-new-earth-all-triumphant-flame-of-loveGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the way you take the notion of “revived conscience”.

We have already spoken a lot about the conscience of the Fifth dimension man but I see that for many of you it still remains theoretical – an unachievable ideal.

As you already know, it is mostly your still persisting habits you have been developing from incarnation to incarnation to blame and they got gradually compressed in your subconscience to make dense blocks, therefore it is hard to immediately get rid of them.

Each of you has your own – individual – habits but there are some common ones – stereotyped reactions that are typical of collective human conscience.

They are the ones to be spoken about today, since not having got rid of them it will be difficult to revive human conscience, which is your top priority task now.

You have eventually come up to the cherished line separating your old life from the one you are so striving for.

And since human conscience is the “building material” any society is created of, this time you should have absolutely different – high vibration – “materials”, while the only “cement” holding them together can become Unconditional Love.

Now you are challenged with a task: to live through the “revolutionary” period of disclosure of outrages on humanity committed by the ruling top not becoming embittered yourselves and to help others with this as well.

I know, my dear, it is not easy at all – to sustain Love and Light in your Soul without any hatred to those who have been reveling in power over you for centuries and millennia performing inhuman actions indeed.

So now, I will offer you a very powerful practice that will help you cope with your emotions and adequately go through the retuning period of your conscience on to a new high vibration wave.

We will call it “All-triumphant Flame of Love”.

I would like you to take it just as a practice, not meditation, because it should become your everyday companion and you should get it “switched on” in your conscience just as you turn on the lights clicking on the switch in your house.

Well, each time you feel you are becoming overwhelmed with emotions and it is getting hard for you to control them, imagine your conscience as a burning facula.

Some will have it just as bright fire, while others will see it as a scattering of lights similar to Bengal ones…

Activate your fantasy and create the image dear just to you.

But this image – the All-triumphant Flame of Love – should convey the energies of vibrations high enough to dissolve not only your own negative emotions but low vibration energies of the people around you lighting up enormous space and dissolving all the hatred, aggression and censure that will inevitably arise in relation to criminals and will be literally in the air…

In other words, your “facula” is aimed at “cleansing” with its Divine fire not only your conscience but collective human conscience as well.

Let there remain only Gratitude in your Soul for the opportunity people got to see the true picture of what is happening whatever horrible it may be.

The main thing has occurred: everything concealed has become revealed, and humanity has seen the light.

Yet, to learn this most important lesson in your life in an appropriate manner, you should gain not hatred or bitterness but Love and Light that will illuminate your way to a new life in the Fifth dimension.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 25, 2020.

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