WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (So as to keep balance)

window-on-new-world-so-as-to-keep-balanceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you in some detail why the representatives of highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations are so devotedly involved into the Ascension of Earth.

Beside the fact that they are quite closely connected with you genetically, there is one more reason why your transition to the Fifth dimension is so important for them.

They must stop the Evil that has been holding sway on Earth for so long.

If the Dragon reptiles and Orions’ plans had been a success and they had got total control over your planet having destroyed the human race and replaced it with biorobots, which is actually taking place now, it would not have occurred unnoticed for all the Galaxy of yours.

In this case the balance of the forces of Good and Evil would have been upset as a result of which the confrontation between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Dark would have aggravated incredibly.

As you know, everything that happens at the physical level first gets shaped at the subtle one.

These processes are inseparable especially when it concerns global events taking place on this or that planet.

In other words, the energy source nourishing a planet determines the events that take place on it.

So, highly developed civilizations are “connected” to the pure high vibration “power supply” and are in close collaboration with safeguard Gods of their planets.

While the planets that are in lower dimensions, as a rule, partially lose such connection since the negative energies prevailing there attract into their energy space demonic creatures who feed on dark energies.

Which has happened to the planet of Earth when it descended to duality.

As a result, its polluted energy space has influenced the general galactic energy profile too.

It can be compared to a vessel of pure water where a glass of dirty water has been added, which poisoned all the water in the vessel.

And the things now in progress in your Galaxy can be called purification of this “vessel” at all the levels – subtle and physical.

This work is incredibly challenging since the Evil on your planet has reached its summit now.

Wounded and crippled have turned out to be not only the “flesh” of Earth but the conscience of her inhabitants too.

And so as to change it there is required elaborate work indeed.

You see it yourselves, my dear, how “hardened” has become the conscience of the majority of your planet’s inhabitants and that it hardly yields to transformation.

The things that have been instilled there must be “cleared up” very quickly – within decades.

But there is no other way out: for every person there has come their own “hour X”.

Everyone is given a chance to break free from duality moving to a wonderful world of the Fifth dimension.

And your Galaxy brothers are giving a helping hand to everybody who is ready to accept it.

The “vessel” will be cleaned anyway, and now the Forces of Light are making incredible efforts to ultimately dissolve with their high vibrations as much of the dirty “sediment” at the bottom of this “vessel” as possible.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 20, 2022.

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