WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Spiritual health)

window-on-new-world-spiritual-healthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about one more aspect of modern world that few pay attention to, nevertheless, it is of great significance to understand the current situation on Earth.

And at issue will be your attitude to your health but not in terms it is meant by people who relate it to medicine, sport, healthy diet and other attributes of a healthy lifestyle.

We will talk about spiritual health that is much more important for a human being than external signs of taking care of oneself.

What do I mean saying “spiritual health”?

It is, before all, innate essence of a human being and purity of their Soul that are not distorted by modern society trends that were artificially introduced into it.

Well, this is exactly what has always been attempted and is still attempted by those for whom true Divine essence of humans poses the greatest threat.

This way, femininity and masculinity with all the traits typical of them have been gradually eliminated.

To a great extent it has also been encouraged by the fact that people were deprived of the lifestyle usual to them – on land in harmony with nature where in the most natural way men did man’s work and women did woman’s work.

Big cities like monsters gobbled human souls who found themselves locked down in concrete cages and encouraged unification of sexes making vividly expressed signs of men and women blurred.

As a result of this, into the picture there began to come not innate features of people but those brought from without, cast by the patterns and stereotypes that were thoroughly instilled into human conscience.

People did not even take notice of the fact they became spiritually ill.

The ability to survive in large cities did not depend on them themselves any longer as it used to be when people lived in their own houses on land.

They were totally subdued by city infrastructure and turned into cogs in a giant mechanism of megalopolises.

In large cities “the strongest” survived but most often not due to the power of Spirit but quite different qualities that sometimes had nothing to do with spirituality.

Careerism, servility, scheming, false pride, cunning and resourcefulness are the “tools” that helped people become successful.

And in this case woman’s gentleness was not in favour but was treated as weakness.

While man’s strength often showed in the fact that men went over people’s heads neutralizing rivals through meanness and fraud.

So, gradually life in modern society has led to people being guided in all their actions, first of all, by Mind and merely selfish considerations leaving Soul’s needs ignored.

And it is mostly because of people’s loss of their spiritual health that let the Dragon reptiles implement their plans on humanity enslavement so easily.

Innate essence and purity of Soul have become a real rarity in the modern world, while it is them that guarantee one’s physical health as well.

Numerous diseases and psychic disorders are just the consequences of spiritual health depletion in people, which is totally ignored by modern medicine that treats not the causes of a disease but its effects.

Therefore now, at the threshold of Transition, you should pay special attention to your spiritual condition and identify everything that does not correspond to your Divine innate essence.

Yet, it should be done as impartially as possible making no allowance for circumstances or troubles of life.

This is the only way you can return to true yourselves and cross the threshold that separates the artificial world of the third dimension from the new one – upcoming world of the fourth and Fifth dimensions where true essence of every person is revealed.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 16, 2023.

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