TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (How to discern the particle of God in a human)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-how-to-discern-the-particle-of-god-in-a-humanGreetings, my dear beloved children!

To go further in understanding the deep meaning of living your life COMPLETELY in all respects, we will talk today more closely about your attitude to people.

Try to be as sincere as possible while giving the answer to the following

question: “Do I know how to discern in each person a particle of God?”.

Of course, in this case we are talking about human beings, since many of you have already learned to recognize reptiloids and clones by the absence of this Divine manifestation in them.

As for human beings, of course, they are all very different, and the conscience of many of them sometimes does not differ much from that of reptiloids, since for so many centuries and even millennia humans have been living according to the programmes they have created.

However, behind this thick crust of the third dimensional world programmes that stuck to them, are you able to discern the spark of God hidden deeply in them, which exists IN EACH AND EVERY HUMAN BEING?

I think that many of you will answer this question negatively, justifying yourselves by the fact that most of the population of Earth has now become similar to a faceless grey crowd, thinking and acting according to the stereotypical programmes imposed on them.

And in general, this is true.

But if you manage to reveal the potential of the one seemingly degraded to the utmost in spiritual sense, learn to find that spark of God that has become almost invisible, and inflate it, thereby saving the Soul of a person from further falling, then you will be able to call yourself true Lightworkers, my dear ones.

And now I will tell you the signs that could help you to notice the divine potential in a person.

Emotional reaction to an event.

Humans are always sincere – their reaction is either positive or negative, and most often spontaneous and uncontrollable.

They cry and laugh, rejoice and grieve from the heart, without thinking about impression they make on others.

In a word, they are lively and spontaneous, even if their emotions overflow.

Unlike humans’ the emotional response of reptiloids and clones is always artificial and insincere, which you cannot explain to yourself sometimes.


Human’s eyes are lively. There is always a burning sparkle in them.

It does not matter if a human is sad or joyful – the eyes always reflect the state of the Soul.

Reptiloids and clones have cold and empty eyes.


Human’s smile is always reflected in the eyes, as if duplicating the internal state.

This synchronization is absent in reptiloids and clones.

Their smile is fake and contorted, because their eyes “do not confirm” what they want to demonstrate to others with their facial expressions.

Here we will stop today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on 16 June 2019

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