are-you-ready-for-the-transitionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to communicate a message of paramount importance that concerns each of you.

I would like you to be well prepared for any further developments on your planet so that the long-awaited changes many of you are looking forward to will not take you aback.

I see that a lot of people who have known about the Transition of Earth into the Fifth dimension for years are, in truth, INTRINSICALLY not ready for those drastic changes in their life.

Wishing these changes came true in word they cannot image yet losing their usual attributes of their life in the third dimension world.

That is why today I will give you more details on how YOUR transition into another dimension will come about since your planet’s Transition has already been much spoken about.

The first thing you should be ready for is drastic and sometimes unexpected changes in your life.

After the main wave of natural disasters not only will collapse your usual world order on Earth but your personal “world order” as well.

What do I mean?

A lot of your relatives, friends and acquaintances will leave the physical level since their bodies will not be able to withstand the high vibrations that are arriving on Earth at an increasing rate.

Your environment will undergo swift changes, and you should take them wisely and calmly.

Consanguinity and career relations uniting people in the third dimension world will be replaced by spiritual relationships, for people will be pulled to each other according to vibrations.

You will start understand each other perfectly without wasting words just taking the hint and feeling one another with the help of your subtle sense organs scanning other people’s thoughts in a telepathic way.

You are to overcome a tough period while getting used to new living conditions because all the usual social, financial and political bodies will cease to exist.

So, your galaxy brothers and sisters will support you in order to alleviate this adaptation period.

They will both share their experience and help you in terms of arrangements involving their representatives embodied at present in human bodies whose mission on Earth is exactly in supporting people at the transit moment that is most difficult for them.

The next stage will be your personal talents and abilities eduction.

In developing in full and mastering them you will be assisted by the extraterrestrial civilizations’ representatives.

Thereby, everyone will be able to do the things after their own heart not thinking about daily bread.

But until your body transforms to the extent it can feed on prana, you will be supplied with the food you are used to, containing grains, vegetables and fruit.

At the third stage you will be taught to create reality by the power of thought and for this purpose there have already been formed large groups of “advisers”, with Ascended Masters and your galaxy brothers and sisters among them.

You will learn by practice this “trade” so new to you that requires some specific skills and great responsibility.

And the last thing. Your SELF-CONFIDENCE is the only thing that can help you overcome all the hardships of the transition period – overall and unlimited self-confidence originating from the bottom of your heart.

It is the thing that should lay the foundation of your new life on the new Earth of the Fifth dimension.

I bless you and love immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 12, 2019

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