LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Safeguard Angels’ origin)

life-on-new-earth-safeguard-angels-originGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you about Safeguard Angels’ origin.

What kind of creatures are they? Why do they choose Service to people as their mission?

As a rule, they also used to be born in physical bodies on your planet and therefore they are well aware how complicated the life in the third dimension world is and how many dangers await people on Earth.

In other words, they act in the third dimension space trusting their own experience of living here.

And although living conditions of people on Earth are swiftly changing, general tendencies are still preserved.

And, first of all, it is duality that penetrates all the spheres of human life including relationships between people.

But since Safeguard Angels’ souls have already passed all the stages of the life in the third dimension world and have advanced to the level of the unipolar world, they can consider the whole range of feelings and emotions of the people in their care, as well as the actions taken by them from quite a different perspective.

They see the overall picture, besides, they see the past, the present and the future of the person in one plane – beyond space-time bounds.

They also see all the time lines of their life and numerous options of the developments of each of the lines.

That is why, they view their main task as leading the person’s way to the direction most favourable for them.

But “favourable” in their opinion is, of course, not the one that results in purely material wealth, though for some people that can be an important lesson in this incarnation, too.

A Safeguard Angel, as a rule, knows about the person’s Soul’s plans since they are in unceasing contact with each other all the time and by all the means available to him he tries to encourage the one in his care to choose the brunch of the time line that will not only give them material welfare but spiritual one as well.

And despite the fact that his means of influence on the person is quite limited since most people do not hear their Safeguard Angels and sometimes are not aware of his existence, in some cases he manages to put this or that thought into the person’s conscience.

It often happens in one’s sleep when one directly contacts the subtle world and sometimes during meditations or simply calm and balanced state when one’s Mind is switched off and one’s Soul comes into the picture.

This is exactly the way how insights and enlightenments occur, as well as arriving at the right decisions and sometimes coming up with the crucial solutions.

Yet, some people feel they are guided in life, so they have learnt to give themselves up to the will of fate or “go with the stream” just carefully following the signs and clues that arrive from without.

Such people have their Higher Self and Safeguard Angel as “helmsmen” on board the “ship” they get around in life and they have completely given themselves up to them and, consequently, try to “travel” the direction shown.

And these people have a much easier life than those who “row against the stream” in an attempt to keep up with the others or embrace the immense ruining their life in a pursuit of castles in the air artificially imposed on them by the modern society.

As it has been repeatedly mentioned in my messages, there is nothing more valuable for one than peace of mind and balanced condition, concentration on oneself, not external factors or values alien to one.

This is the state that one’s Safeguard Angel is trying to lead one’s way to “correcting the course of the ship” travelling across the rough “sea” of the dual life in the third dimension.

And his personal assistant is one’s Soul that does not want at all the one it has embodied in to waste one’s life in vain and, consequently, to contribute no precious grains of spiritual experience to its treasury.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 7, 2020.

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