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life-on-new-earth-support-teamGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we are to find out if there is any difference between people’s Safeguard Angels and if they can interact with each other.

Since every person attracts the things that correspond to their vibrations, Safeguard Angels are no exception.

This is the reason why some people’s Safeguard Angels are strong and powerful, while some other people’s ones can provide them with only insignificant support.

As a rule, Safeguard Angel is chosen to the Soul getting ready for incarnation in accordance with its plans as early as before one’s birth.

For example, if it is a really ancient Soul that assumed the mission of Service to humanity, then one gets the Safeguard Angel who can not only protect the person from danger but to help one in one’s Service as well.

How can he do this being at the subtle level?

Before all, by filling this person’s conscience with the energies of high vibrations, as a result of which one embarks on the course of spiritual development much faster and takes up searching for sense of life.

And at this point the main ally of one’s Safeguard Angel is one’s Soul – one’s Higher Self that Safeguard Angel always keeps in touch with.

Due to this alliance one’s intuition gets revived and it helps one live one’s life being guided not by logical reasoning or stereotyped motives but by the call of one’s Soul.

In other words, one’s Safeguard Angel communicates with one by means of one’s Soul, not Mind that is completely overwhelmed by the third dimension world.

While if your channel is connected to by astral beings, they converse with your Mind and your Ego that are at the same wave with them.

And it is essential for you to learn to feel this difference so as to protect yourself from alien intrusion into your energy space.

Well, let us consider now the way interaction of different people’s Safeguard Angels occurs.

Sometimes there arise situations that Safeguard Angel is not capable of managing alone.

In this case it is supported by the Safeguard Angel of a close person, as a rule: for example, that of mother, father or husband or wife – in a word, a dear and close person of the one in trouble.

They unite their efforts at the subtle level to encourage the beneficial outcome of the situation.

As a rule, in critical situations people invoke the Higher Powers for help not thinking about the fact that their Safeguard Angels also rank among them and, moreover, in terms of “location” they are much closer to the people in their care since they are always close by them.

Safeguard Angels rush for help straight away not waiting for the person’s “under their wardship” asking for that, for this is their voluntary Service to people.

When they understand they cannot manage the situation themselves though, they ask other Safeguard Angels for help and sometimes even the Higher Powers of the Universe.

And if it complies with the Divine expediency, one gets such help especially if a great ancient Soul is at issue that got lost in the “maze” of the third dimension world and finds itself in a dangerous situation.

Of course, I just gave you a general scheme of your subtle level assistants’ interaction.

Sometimes human destinies’ threads are interweaved in such an intricate and complicated way that Safeguard Angels have to arrange many-staged and quite profound combinations involving groups of people and their Safeguard Angels so as to get a stray Soul’s “feet on the right path” who has forgotten about its mission.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 6, 2020.

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