LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Angel’s wings)

life-on-new-earth-angels-wingsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, now I would like to tell you why Angels are usually shown as having large wings and where the expression “Angel had me under his wing”, that is protected from danger, came from.

Of course, it arose not by chance.

And even those of you who can see the subtle level often see Safeguard Angels like this – shining creatures with wings.

As a matter of fact, they are not wings as they are since Angels do not fly but get around space by power of thought just same as all the creatures inhabiting the space of the Fifth dimension and up do.

The things that are perceived by the human eye as wings are energy bundles of denser vibrations than the “body” of an Angel, though in appearance they do not differ much.

And it is accounted for by the fact that Safeguard Angels of people have to “work” in the medium of the third dimension untypical of them sometimes covering huge distance in the low vibrations of Earth’s energy space.

The so-called “wings” of theirs enable them not only to move faster but sometimes literally to take physical actions in the material medium.

In other words, they are some kind of “adaptors” between dimensions capable of connecting them in critical situations so as to help the person escape danger.

Each of you are sure to know stories about inexplicable miracle rescue of people in most unbelievable situations fraught with fatal outcome.

It can be saving of a drowning man when invisible power moved them onto the coast or a car accident when someone seemed to have cushioned the fall of the one who flew out of the car window.

And sometimes invisible power literally “pulls” one out from under the wheels of a car rushing at full speed or “turns” one’s head in the right direction to make one notice the upcoming danger.

As a matter of fact, such things happened to each of you, you simply do not always realize this explaining it by a “coincidence”.

But believe me, my dear, there are almost no coincidences in your life since every minute of it is arranged in accordance with the “plot” written for it and in compliance with the present level of your spiritual development or, in other words, with your vibrations at this moment.

Thus, increasing your vibrations, you change the scenario of your life, thereby making the task of your Safeguard Angel easier and facilitating his reaching out for you and, consequently, in case of emergency his providing efficient help to you having you under his “wing” or laying it down to cushion the fall.

The same principle as in your communication with the Light Forces is actuated here: the less the vibration gap between you, the closer you become to each other, which enables you to interact with one another almost physically.

Thereby, Angel’s “wings” become an “airbag” for the person in trouble, while a Safeguard Angel at the same time manages the situation simultaneously at the physical and subtle level trying to change it if necessary by power of thought.

Everything frequently happens within a split second, though in mortal peril it seems to one that time stops and everything appears in slow motion.

It happens because one gets into the energy field of one’s Safeguard Angel, with its parameters being different from those of the third dimension world person.

For a moment the person gets one with him merging by their conscience with their rescuer.

Believe me, my dear, there is not another creature as devoted to you as your Safeguard Angel who serves you with courage and faithfulness from cradle to grave through all your incarnation on Earth.

And the more you progress on your spiritual road, the more you make his work easier bridging the vibration gap and, consequently, making your energy fields merge in one.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 7, 2020.

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