LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Care for your Angel)

life-on-new-earth-care-for-your-angelGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to summarize our talk on Safeguard Angels.

First. Safeguard Angels are the representatives of the Light Forces “closest” to you since they are almost in your energy space.

Second. They always give you a helping hand even if you do not call them since this is exactly what their Service is.

Third. They help your Soul at the same time because unlike it they can produce direct effect on events and your environment.

Fourth. They send you clues and signs both at the subtle level – in sleep – and at the physical one drawing your attention to the people or information that are really important for you and sometimes earthshaking.

Fifth. Due to the fact that they can see the numerous options of your life developments on your time lines, they try tooth and nail to lead your way to the one that corresponds to your Soul’s plans.

Sixth. They protect you like a caring mother from all the problems, big and small, letting you rely on their energy “wings” every time you are in physical danger.

Seventh.  They are always eager to contact you and answer your questions willingly.

Yet, keep in mind, my dear, that your Safeguard Angels just like all the rest representatives of the Light Forces prefer to talk on spiritual issues and answer the questions of really great importance to you.

While everyday topics are favourite things to “talk” about for astral beings who are happy to satisfy your curiosity on any issue under the sun.

Well, now I would like to give you some tips on relationships with your Safeguard Angels.

Always remember about your Safeguard Angel and for your side also try to help him.

What kind of help can it be?

Before all, do not endanger yourself in vain.

Be attentive and careful.

And it concerns not only physical phenomena of your life but its energy component as well.

Remember that any negative thought or emotion of yours can attract to your energy space unwelcomed astral guests that will later have to be dealt with not only by you but your Safeguard Angel, too who protects you at all the levels of existence.

Do not bother your Safeguard Angel with trifles asking irrelevant questions distracting his attention from his full-time “job”.

Sometimes at seemingly peaceful moments of your life he could be solving problems urgent for you at the subtle level and interacting in some cases with other Light Forces so interfering in the process you can unintentionally do harm to him and yourself.

Always invoke your Safeguard Angel to all your séances and meditations.

He will be glad to participate in them and at the same time will be the energy bridge connecting you to the Light Forces of higher vibrations.

And do not forget to be thankful to your most devoted and faithful assistant as often as possible.

Your Love and Gratitude will make him stronger since the Service to the third dimension world person is a complicated job and dangerous indeed even for such a high vibration creature as your Safeguard Angel is.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 8, 2020.

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