LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Creating Fifth dimension space around oneself)

life-on-new-earth-creating-fifth-dimension-space-around-oneselfGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, we move on to the sixth point of your Plan on self-realization and spiritual development.

Now you are to learn to create the space of the Fifth dimension around yourself physically still living in the third one.

If you manage to cover successfully the previous points of your Plan, it can be said you are on your way to this now.

So this time you will only have to consolidate the results of your work at yourself so as to maintain your vibrations at the appropriate level all the time.

And this is, perhaps, the most difficult thing for you.

It is mostly explained by the fact that the life of man in the third dimension world is unpredictable.

Unless you are in complete solitude, every day society provides you with more and more surprises.

And it is especially true about the current situation on Earth when the struggle between the Light and the Dark Forces have reached its final stage.

The cornered representatives of the deep state still try to bring to a head the conceived making stricter the “safety measures” to navigate the false pandemic they contrived themselves by thrusting the harmful vaccination on people.

It is this thing that became for most of you the crucial test in your spiritual maturity.

For what is at issue this time is not life or death of the physical body but the existence of your Divine Soul.

Never has humanity faced such a choice that is why few can realize its depth and profoundness to a full extent.

But those who succeeded in doing this are going up till the end despite the traps awaiting them at every turn as numerous encroachments of rights and freedoms in respect of the people who refused to vaccinate as gross as dismiss from work and deprival of livelihood.

A great challenge for many of you is protecting of your children from the arbitrary law of authorities and inhumane experiments on them.

The things you are living through right now can be called Armageddon indeed, which has been the case on your planet more than once.

Some civilizations perished, others came into being but nobody has ever attempted the human Soul trying to deprive it of its Divine principle.

This appalling experiment on people was the very last thing that made the cup run over in terms of the Light Forces and your Galaxy family.

All of them have been there to help people to perform Transition to the Fifth dimension with Earth in a proper manner.

But everyone should start this process with themselves.

As often as possible apply for help to the Higher Powers, Angels, Archangels, your Galaxy brothers and sisters – ask them to support you during this hard period of Transition when you have to fight with the Dark Forces at the subtle and physical levels.

They always hear you, and their help cannot be overestimated indeed.

It is them who help you sustain Belief in yourself and maintain your vibration high.

They scan each revived Soul and provide it with a “life-belt” every time they see it is about to “drown” which is inevitable in the conditions as hard as those you find yourselves in now.

This way together – you by your regular laborious work at yourself and your Heavenly assistants by their invisible presence in your life – you create the space of the Fifth dimension on Earth that gradually is spreading all across the globe.

As a result, everybody who gets into this space starts changing.

Their conscience is getting purified from the third dimension world programmes, and people are provided with your example of how peacefully and happily one can live in this absurd agitated world not becoming emotionally involved in it but just watching the things taking place from a distance, which enables to remain pure and free from its stereotypes, patterns and conditionality.

And the more there are such islands of freedom on Earth filled with the energies of highest vibrations, the sooner humanity will move to a new era that is already asserting itself on your planet.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 31, 2021.

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