excitement-of-winnersGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message will be dedicated to the latest events on your planet.

Here has come, my dear, the very crucial moment that is to decide the fate of your planet.

As it has already been said in my messages more than once, it is essential that people get the taste of their own victory, not the one introduced from without whoever it may be.

It is the only way they can start creating a new life in the agreement with their own ideals – the ones that have made the foundation of their existence from time immemorial.

As you see, despite all the globalists’ attempts, the truth has still managed to get through the thick of the lie flowing from TV screens and all the submitted mainstream media.

It has happened due to brave people: doctors, lawyers, journalists and just honest and decent bloggers who despite blackmail and threat by all the means available to them were communicating to people the true information about the current events.

But there is a great merit in this of common people too who have succeeded in breaking the patterns in their conscience and having got rid of the generally accepted stereotypes, began to see the world with another eye.

It is the part of the population that has been able to sacrifice their habits, conveniences and comfort in the name of gaining freedom and preserving the feeling of dignity.

And while in the beginning the movement for rights was not numerous, now it embraces dozens of millions of people.

Therefore now it can be said for sure that globalists’ plans have been a complete failure, and all the protégés of the world government one by one will start to leave their high posts not out of their own good will this time.

Yet, I would not like the excitement of the winners to play a mean trick on you, my dear – or you to feel malicious joy towards the defeated opponent or be out for their blood.

Now it is extremely important to preserve your own vibrations high not getting reduced to negative energies that can drag you back to the third dimensionality.

Well, how should you treat those who caused you so much grief and suffering, who made millions of people all across the globe fall ill or die?

Strange as it may seem to you, you should approach them with consideration.

The majority of them is not humans but living beings featuring other psychic and energy structures – another chakra system.

They are ignorant of love and sympathy by origin.

It equals getting angry with predators because they feed on other animals, for it is their original innate instinct.

The same happens to the Dragon reptiles and Orions: they consume negative human energies as other energies are “more than they can chew”.

These creatures know no other life or other moral principles beside control, greed and supervision over people.

This is how the programmes instilled in them function in accordance with which they have been oppressing people on Earth for millennia.

But now their rule has come to an end.

Earth and best humanity representatives are moving to a new dimension in which your enslavers will not be able to exist due to their low vibration nature.

Everything develops in consistence with the Divine scenario, and let the joy of your victory not be overshadowed by the negative emotions and thoughts in respect of the defeated.

From now on they will follow their own way and you will stick to yours.

But what you should do by all means is to learn the lesson of the things that happened to humanity who let inhumans seize power on your splendid planet and never let the same course be taken again.

Now you are energy “savvy”, and I believe you will be able to tell the truth from a lie, sincerity from hypocrisy, unselfishness from greed…

Be vigilant, my dear, but not revengeful by any means since it will do you neither any good nor satisfaction.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 30, 2022.

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