take-account-of-our-mistakesGreetings, our dear earthlings!

We have decided to come to you again since we see that events on your planet are taking a swift course now.

In respect of this we would like to give you some tips so that you do not stumble at the very last minute but bring the matter to a head.

In due course the similar events took place in our civilization as well.

The wise and freedom-loving part of the Orion constellation’s inhabitants rebelled against the ruling top that complete seized power and was controlling the population influencing their conscience by means of psychotronic weapon designed specifically for this purpose.

And only a small portion of the population – those who managed to increase their vibrations to the level out of reach of this weapon could resist its influence on themselves.

It was the most outstanding and spiritually advanced inhabitants of our civilization like those who you call Saints.

Not only they managed to preserve the purity of their conscience but also to create Communities of congenial and like-minded fellows having separated from the rest of the Orion civilization.

So, we, the representatives of these united communities’ Council of Elders, would like to warn you about possible mistakes at this moment critical for you and your planet.

For millennia equally with the Dragon reptiles the Orions have been ruling your planet too – exactly those who enslaved the inhabitants of their own civilization as well.

And since we witnessed it happening, we can tell you about the methods and ways they use to make human conscience obscure and make people do what the ruling top needs.

The most prominent feature of the Orions is push and demonstration of their force – both physical and mental.

They are, as a rule, clever and well educated thanks to which they get high posts in power structures.

But along with this they lack love and sympathy towards people.

Their main aim is power and leadership in all the spheres of life.

This is as far as the Orions embodied as earthlings are concerned.

Just like humans at birth they were deprived of memory about their origin but they convey the specific features of their race.

But there is another part of the Orions, invisible to you, who long ago established contacts with the shadow government of Earth and collaborate with them in by far the closest way.

They are the ones you call the Greys.

And they possess technologies that can influence human conscience.

These technologies have been in use on Earth since long ago, especially for controlling crowds, which allows to direct emotions at gatherings the way required by authorities.

But this time the Orions in cooperation with the Dragon reptiles have gone even further than that having introduced into the so-called “vaccines” special sensors catching wave emissions of psychotronic installations so as to have opportunity to influence now each person who got this injection.

So at present, when they have found themselves in dire straits on Earth, since millions of people have already revived and will go all lengths to come to their own rights, they are ready to put in action high frequency antennae of 5G for activation of these sensors.

And then the “vaccinated” part of your planet’s population will dutifully obey all their orders thereby suppressing the minority that rebelled.

We have lived through this experience and know the sad consequences such actions of the ruling top resulted in for our civilization.

And so as to prevent it from happening to you, you should do your best not to allow the launch of the high frequency 5G installations net that has already wrapped around the whole planet of yours.

But, no doubt, the best guarantee of your safety will be your high vibrations that can save you from any alien energy influence including this psychotronic weapon as well.

Believe us, dear, your Unity, Power of Spirit and Belief in your potential can work miracles indeed.

It is these qualities that once helped us withstand, and from the deep of our hearts we wish you a prompt victory over the Forces of Evil that have been holding sway over your beautiful planet for so long.

Representatives of Betelgeuse Council of Elders spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 31, 2022.

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