TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Unipolarity as endless diversity)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-unipolarity-as-endless-diversityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will go on speaking about what a Unipolar Mind is.

I would like you to well understand that Unipolar does not mean it is somewhat one-sided at all.

As a matter of fact, it is limitless since embraces ALL THE KNOWLEDGE gained by humanity for the time of its existence.

How is it possible?

A person who has passed the border of the Fifth dimension by their conscience finds themselves in the energy space of Unconditional Love with quite different physical Laws reigning.

These are NONmaterial Laws, which itself is difficult for you to expend your conscience to.

Fivedimensionality presupposes abolishing all material attributes, which enables living beings inhabiting it not only to freely move around their planet or Galaxy but to penetrate by their conscience to any “database” that are innumerable in the Universe.

Anyone wishing to get the necessary knowledge in order to make progress in the field of science, technology, literature or any other kind of arts within the scope of their interest will be instantly able to acquire exhaustive information on any issue.

It can be compared with virtual Universe library where all its history is stored, as well as all humanity’s achievements and those of other civilizations’ and planets’ ones.

And any being who has overcome the vibration barrier of the Fifth dimension gets access to all this.

UNIpolar energy, UNIpolar space, UNIpolar mind are called this because starting from the Fifth dimension everything becomes ONE – UNITED.

But within this Unity there is an endless Variety since in the Fifth dimension, having ridded oneself of the third dimension world stereotypes, a person becomes a multi-sided and unique personality indeed.

It is in this Divine space filled with Love and Harmony where their temporarily concealed talents and abilities can reveal.

Numerous Heavenly assistants will help them adapt and get used to the energy space new to them so as a new Unipolar human mind can absorb as quickly as possible all the countless treasures of the Universe and then use them getting involved into the fascinating work for the greater good of all.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 16, 2019

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