WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Merkaba of the fourth dimension)

window-on-new-world-merkaba-of-the-fourth-dimensionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message let us move on to the practice on neutralizing of the negative influence produced on you by the people around.

We will call this practice “Merkaba of the fourth dimension”.

But for a start, I would like to remind you the main principle of energy practices and meditations.

They are always based on spiritual component which is actually a determinative one.

This is what makes them different from, for example, physical exercises.

The practices and meditations that you are provided with on this site, before all, “pump your spiritual muscles”, which makes a beneficial impact on your physical body too.

As far as today’s practice is concerned, the gist of it is not in physical fencing of oneself off the people around, which to some extent conveys separation, but deliverance of one’s energy space from alien low vibration energies.

Today it is not simply the barest necessity for you but also a guarantee of transition to the fourth dimension.

Your physical body is now turning into some kind of a “merkaba” that is taking you from one dimension to another.

And so that this “merkaba” could readily take off leaving the third dimension world and bring you to the new earth of the fourth dimension, you should make it as light and rarefied as possible having got rid of all the “heavy” energies.

Well, let us move on the practice itself.

You should start it with a meditation that you can skip further on when this practice becomes your habit.

Invoke all your Heavenly assistants, get completely relaxed and breathe deep for some time…

Then try to see your physical body and all your subtle bodies colourful and voluminous.

Get each of them tuned onto the chakras they correspond to…

Feel them all achieving one vibration rhythm…

Such fine tuning can take a few minutes.

Wait for the moment when vibrations slowly and evenly move downwards through the chakra axis and back…

This is exactly the indication of your light body activation and will mean that your “merkaba” is ready for the trip to the fourth dimension.

And then in your thoughts put it into a protective sphere of the Flame of the Universe Love with mirror-like external surface.

This sphere will be voluminous indeed since it includes all your subtle bodies in their ideal – rarefied to the utmost– state.

Now your task is to remain in this “merkaba” as long as possible irrespective of the place or environment you find yourselves in.

You will gradually get used to your new state of detachment from the external world and people but this detachment will be in terms of energy and spirit only.

You will be able to go on with your usual life but watching everything from the space of the fourth dimension this time.

You will notice how much your behaviour and respond to the things around will change.

The third dimension world people will not irritate you any longer because you will perceive them from the height of your new conscience.

You will be able to recognize easily those who can revive and who is hopeless in their dormancy.

While your physical body being completely isolated from the low energies of the third dimension world will not experience the enormous loads that prevent it from quick and easy transformation to the light crystalline one.

Do this practice, my dear, as often as possible until you get accustomed to permanent being in a high vibration “merkaba” – your new home that you created in the space of the fourth dimension.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 26, 2022.

Обсуждение: оставлено 3 коммент.

  1. Pila says:

    “you should make it as light and rarefied as possible”
    Does that means physical body, to loose weight to maximum? Or it is meant on subtle bodies?

    1. Eduard says:

      Everything is interdepended, but consciousness in any case is primary.

      1. Pila says:

        That makes sense. Thanks.


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