WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Parallel realities)

window-on-new-world-parallel-realitiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued today I would like to explain to you in more details the principle of work for the practice Merkaba of the fourth dimension.

I think that many of you can wonder how in public places and chaotic motley energies “Merkaba” can keep your energy space inviolable.

The thing is that this practice is the first step to your permanent being in another dimension, the fourth one so far.

If you do it putting as they say all your “heart and soul” into it and setting aside considerations of Mind, you will already find yourselves not among the third dimension world people but in the parallel world of the fourth dimension.

These two worlds though keeping in touch with each other, nevertheless, are in parallel realities now.

I know that so far it is hard for you to realize this because you remain visible for the others, as well as you see all the people around you, yet, parallel realities have existed since long ago on your planet.

Let us consider, for example, people who blindly follow all the authorities’ instructions and take for gospel every word communicated by TV and those who see and understand the genuine essence of the current events.

Don’t they live in parallel worlds?

As a rule, vibrations of the former and the latter vary thus much that they simply cannot get in touch with each other in terms of energy.

This is the way how vibration stratification of your planet’ population occurs.

And now it is getting intensified due to the fact that the new energies arriving at Earth make life perception of the former and the latter keener.

So, law-abiding citizens are even more ready to follow their countries’ heads and fulfill all their demands, while free-thinking people become increasingly alienated from this government system that has grown absurd and absolutely unacceptable for them and, consequently, by all means will not fulfill these demands now.

But while in this case at issue is the level of conscience of the former and the latter rather than anything else, the latest practice allows you to get abstracted from the modern world distantly this time, though only in terms of energy so far.

This phenomenon is based on the principle of space and time parameters change in the worlds of high vibrations.

As soon as the fourth dimension is an intermediary one between the third and Fifth dimensions, being there enables you to become an onlooker of the events taking place in the third dimension world finding yourselves in your light body beyond the third dimension world now.

To get a better idea of it you can imagine your “Merkaba” as a transparent balloon and being inside of it you can freely move to the space of the third dimension getting in touch with the personal space of other people but not intermingling with them in terms of energy.

It resembles the way the representatives of the “Tetragonia” civilization help you “sneak” from the third dimension into the fourth and even the Fifth one putting you in some kind of an energy cocoon.

But now you create such a cocoon yourselves by power of your intention doing your best to be there all the time.

Actually, a lot of you are ready for this and everything that you have to do is to learn to maintain your vibrations at the level allowing you not to fall out of the space of the fourth dimension now either by your conscience or your subtle bodies.

In this case your physical body will be securely protected, with the process of its transformation to the light crystalline one being noticeably speeded up.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 27, 2022.

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