intergalactic-courtGreetings, dear Earthlings!

Today we have come to you with an important message that concerns not only Earth’s population but inhabitants of other planets of your solar system too.

At present there begin sessions of the Intergalactic Court that representatives of many highly developed civilizations take part in.

During these sessions there will be considered issues connected with illegal and ill-intended invasion of aggressive civilizations to different planets of your Galaxy with the purpose of their natural riches seizure and their population enslavement.

During one of such sessions there will be dwelled on illegal intrusion into earthlings’ matters by the human-hostile civilizations of the Dragon reptiles and Orion.

And now we would like to explain to you why it has happened only now and not at the moment when they just intruded onto your planet.

The main reason is that eventually there has accumulated the critical mass of your planet’s population’s representatives who are discontented with the events taking place on it.

According to the unpublished rule the Intergalactic Court has the right to interfere into some planet’s or civilizations’ matters when there is claimant and defendant.

But since for a long time people have been unaware and had no idea of what actually occurs on Earth and who rules humanity, we had no right to interfere into your matters because as you put it “silence gives consent”.

This is your unawareness that has been taken advantage of for so long by the invaders of the planet of Earth.

Yet, at present the situation has changed drastically.

While to achieve their goals and making profit they used to just manipulate people getting what they need by lies, slyness, flattery, distortion of facts, bribery and blackmail, now they have gone too far trying this time to annihilate humanity as a species and get total control of your wonderful planet’s riches.

Having become sure of their impunity, they lost alertness and began to act too impudently and forcefully this time, which resulted in revival of a huge number of people on Earth.

As a result, there has come into being a “claimant” as the best part of your planet’s population who are ready to prevent outrageous injustice even at the cost of their life.

A lot of appalling crimes that have been committed for centuries by the Dragon reptiles, Reptiloids, Orions and some other civilizations of the Greys were brought to light by concerned inhabitants of your planet and laid open for public inspection.

As a result of this, the number of “claimants” is increasing every day and, consequently, the Intergalactic Court has the right to consider a claim of humanity in respect of their enslavers.

So now defendants will appear in this court – the fairest and most impartial one.

Unlike the corrupted earthly courts that are almost completely in the grip of the same “defendants” again, the Intergalactic Court is pure and incorruptible because it consists of the representatives of highly developed civilizations.

And this Court is guided by Divine Universe Laws and violation of them is punished with all strictness and without any mercy to those who do not respect them.

Decisions of the Intergalactic Court are made without the right of appeal and awarded sentences are executed immediately.

We would like you to know what profound support you are being provided with now at the intergalactic level.

Yet, at the same time we ask you not to lose heart and go on doing your best so as to liberate Earth and humanity as soon as possible from their invaders who have crossed the line of what is permitted thereby signing their own death warrant.

We must make common cause in the name of successful accomplishment of by far the greatest experiment in the Universe on Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension with the best representatives of humanity.

The representatives of the Intergalactic Confederation spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 31, 2022.

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