intergalaxy-confederation-is-greeting-youHello, dear earthlings!

You are greeted by the Intergalaxy Confederation!

Today we would like to talk to you about your nearest future.

And though just a small segment of Earth’s population knows that you and your planet are at the very threshold of her Transition to another dimension of existence, we believe that the revived part of people will accept this message with understanding.

Since such a thing has never occurred not only in your Galaxy by in the whole Universe either, the attention to this process, and especially to its final stage, is arrested in terms of many civilizations’ representatives.

And the Intergalaxy Confederation is no exception to this.

At present we are accumulating information on current situation not only on Earth but on the planets that are immediately connected to her.

Despite the fact that people, with rare exceptions, have no idea of being members of a huge galaxy family they are closely interconnected with, this family invisible to you plays a significant part in your life.

To be more precise, not a family, but families, since each person to this or that extent features genes of extraterrestrial civilizations and some people – even those of not one but several ones.

And all the time while you incarnate on Earth you are under their permanent control and partial protection.

It can be compared to parents who let their children travel freely around the world but meanwhile they always know where they are and if they are safe and sound.

For this purpose on Earth you have mail, telephone, telegraph and at present even modern means of communication.

As for us, we possess more advanced technologies and tools for interaction with any living being at any point in the Universe.

Until the right time this communication was one-way since when born on Earth, people had their knowledge about their Star families deleted from memory but these families, nevertheless, not only monitored the path of their each incarnation but also tried to adjust it in some cases.

Their abilities were, of course, quite limited and just in rare cases when some civilization’s representative was born on Earth with the great mission of humanity rescue, between the one embodied on Earth and their Star family there was established lasting telepathic communication.

But they were very rare exceptions to rules indeed, and an example of it can be Yeshua who directly got support and instructions from his Star family.

But now when thousands of ancient and light souls like him have come to Earth to get this unique experience –Ascension to the world of high vibrations in their physical body, all the civilizations’ efforts whose “children” have reached the threshold of Transition have become more active.

All your “relatives” are trying to help you overcome the last obstacle on the way to Transition that is in preserving your body and Soul inviolable.

This support is provided by means of your Safeguard Angels, Archangels and your Spiritual guides who are sending you clues, hints, the right people and necessary information.

You are being taken incredible care of and wrapped in native energies that are activating your deep memory and breaking through the coarse energies of the third dimension world like a spring flood that breaks thick ice getting free from under it after a long and cold winter.

And so as to encourage the process of your revival, we ask you to address your Star families as often as possible whose genes are being increasingly activated in you as long as you are getting closer to the border line of the Fifth dimension.

And it is not that important that so far you do not remember the names of the planets and civilizations your “blood” brothers and sisters come from – the fact that you ask them for help and advice will be enough.

And such support will arrive by all means, it can be invisible to you, though, but quite efficient anyway.

Now, when the veil between dimensions is getting thin as ever, we see and hear you perfectly well.

But your direct appeal to us will manifold fortify our interaction since our desires and intentions will merge together and acquire unbelievable power and strength.

It will help break down the resistance of the agonizing race of the Dragon reptiles who seized the wonderful planet of Earth all of us love so much.

Do know, dear earthlings, that our message to you conveys the initiative of plenty of civilizations that are immediately related to you.

We believe that our joint efforts will be fruitful and will facilitate your ultimate taking root in the space of the fourth dimension where you will just have to make one step for the transition to the long-awaited Fifth dimension.

The representatives of the Intergalaxy Confederation spoke to you today

Channeled by Marta on May 16, 2022.

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