WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (From anger to awareness of current events being inevitable)

window-on-new-world-from-anger-to-awareness-of-current-events-being-inevitableGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, today we will talk about the way you can unite the efforts of your congenial souls at all the levels of existence so as to move all together and as soon as possible to a new reality – the space of the fourth dimension.

In my previous message I told you about the advantages of a versatile approach of people to the current events on Earth – about the “specialization” of each person’s interests who find themselves within the immediate circle of yours.

Sharing your experience and the information gained you, undoubtedly, enrich each other.

Yet, meanwhile each of you remains at your own level of conscience and, consequently, your vibrations vary.

The reason for this is in the fact that the majority of your information sources convey the third dimension vibrations because they say about opposition, struggle, hardships and problems that people face now.

And the more a person gets involved into the study and discussion of these issues acute for them, the more their vibrations decrease as to remain completely reserved is within the depth of few so far.

Now all of you are at the edge of the events – at the climax of Transition and the “trampoline” for the “leap” into it that you will create determines the speed and quality of your Transition to the Fifth dimension.

By the word “speed” I mean the period of time you will spend in the fourth dimension.

And by the word “quality” – the level of your vibrations at the moment of crossing the border between the fourth and fifth dimensions.

We have already discussed that the ideal variant for you can become the Transition with the like-minded people – by well-established groups, with each taking their niche and having decided on the occupation to their Soul.

This way, in the environment that has turned dear to you it will be easier for you to get adjusted to the new reality.

But it requires from all the members of your community, despite all their distinct features, to advance to one level of vibrations.

Well, how can you reach such oneness?

Before all, it is necessary to balance the emotional background of each person.

And it is possible to do only when “righteous” anger directed to the events taking place around is transformed into deep understanding of their inevitability.

It is of extreme importance to “lance” the emotional component of each member of your community and “dissect” it the way that the negative energy it features gets transformed into positive one.

But in this case it should be done by the person themselves because any intrusion from without can just soothe their emotional and energy response to the current events for a short time but not eliminate it completely.

Therefore, those of you who can clearly and distinctly explain to people the essence of interaction between people and events and, the most important, their influence on the current events, should start as soon as possible this hard work which is the most crucial at this moment though.

For it is this thing that many pure and light human souls are lacking now who are so far at the stage of censure and indignation being unaware of the fact that whatever “righteous” their anger is, not only it fails to facilitate the victory of Good over Evil but, on the contrary, plays into the Dark Forces’ hands decreasing the general energy profile of Earth.

And, unfortunately, for a lot of people potentially ready for Transition this inconsistence between their desires and current condition of their Soul is the largest obstacle for the last and final step towards the new life in the Fifth dimension.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 9, 2022.

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