THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (Soul integration)

the-world-of-astral-soul-integrationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My story about the astral world is coming up to an end and I would like to tell you about the steps you could take to help the astral beings to determine their rambling and to prevent yourselves from suffering the same pitiful lot.

To start with, the most crucial thing for anyone is keeping one’s Soul whole which is possible only if one learns to keep one’s energy space pure with no alien energies having opportunity to intrude it.

It is possible to fulfill this while in the 3D world though it is not that easy.

And for this you should balance between such qualities as compassion and non-interference in other people’s destiny, self-respect and self-admiration, self-assertion and vanity, unselfishness and practicality, friendliness and buddy manners.

In a word, you should try to reach the golden mean, the border that can be crossed neither by your Ego nor by someone else’s Ego who can affect you this or that way.

Your Divine Soul must be inviolable. This is your Sanctuary, your Home with only energies native to you to be let in – the ones of the same vibration frequency and the ones that can’t bring any discord, disharmony or chaos into your “Home”…

What should you do for this?

Before all, you should limit your contacts to the kindred spirits.

Casual and promiscuous relations introducing alien energy to your life result in your Soul’s fragmentation and lack of your Soul’s wholeness.

It is particularly dangerous in cases with the relations of intense emotional colouring.

They provoke the most powerful energy outflows and they can’t pass without a trace for you.

The expression “spiritual wounds” reflects exactly the things that happen to your Soul during your energy “arguments” with someone of different vibration frequency.

These energies penetrate your subtle bodies like arrows causing deep and in some cases never-healing wounds.

At the same time they occupy your Soul’s particles making their energy space their home.

This is how come into being long-lasting and distressful relations that are difficult to break up although both the sides are well aware of the fact the relations have outlived their usefulness.

It is the energy interaction like this that gives rise to human Souls’ fragmentation and it can drag on lifelong for a lot of people and after their physical bodies’ death Souls’ fragments carry on rambling in the astral world.

So as to avoid this you should get rid of all emotional, that is energy ones, connections.

It is of great importance, my dear ones, to get all your Soul’s separated particles together and restore Soul’s wholeness while being embodied.

To help you with this I offer you the following practice. Let’s call it “Soul integration”.

Reach a meditative state, relax completely, call on all your Heavenly guards and ask your Higher being to search all over the world and find all your lost fragments – those in someone else’s energy space.

And watch them coming back Home…

You could see or feel the people you forgot ages ago while your Soul’s fragments were still within their aura after being pulled there in the past…

Even if you don’t see anything you will by all means feel your lost fragments coming back, for the intention of your Soul to gain wholeness and sanctity will resemble the light attracting butterflies and It will welcome them back home in the motherly gentle way…

Remain in this state until you feel peace and quiet and ultimate rest of your body…

This meditation can be repeated several times.

And I bless you, my dear ones, for this important work!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 28, 2018

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