transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-tug-of-warGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about collective human conscience as one of the components of other intelligent beings’ collective conscience who live in the Universe.

In spite of the fact that at present people on the planet of Earth are in a third density world, many souls that incarnated in their physical bodies have come here from a variety of dimensions – up till the eighth one, therefore they automatically contribute some collective conscience particles of other planets and civilizations to collective human conscience.

And this, undoubtedly, makes a huge impact on human spiritual development level in general.

As I have already told you, ancient souls come to Earth with an enormous store of accomplishments of their numerous incarnations in other worlds and on other planets.

And even with their rich “genealogy” memory being deleted they intuitively live in a way different from that of young souls’ who are at the very beginning of their spiritual road.

Therefore, the energy component of such souls is incomparable in their vibration frequency with the contribution of young and inexperienced souls to common energy “piggy bank”.

Due to the energy profile of ancient and pure souls either intuitively or deliberately living according to the Laws of the Universe, the overall energy level of humanity keeps its collective conscience at a certain height preventing it from falling down to the level of primitive creatures fighting with each other for survival in the dual world.

This way there is sustained some kind of energy balance allowing young souls to grow spiritually.

And it happens owing to the fact that they see an example of another mentality, behaviour and worldview different from the well-established one and imposed on them from without.

Thus, the Divine spark originally set in each human Soul gradually flares up and begins illuminating them their way Home.

It is like when grown-ups take little ones’ hands and help them overcome the obstacles they come across on the way.

And in this case the main obstacle of human spiritual growth is third dimension world programmes that are introduced into them since their birth.

These programmes feature separation in all the manifestations of modern society life.

And it takes a lot of courage that is within depth of few to break away from this “vicious circle” of world order that has been settled for centuries.

And nowadays on Earth there is in progress some kind of “tug-of-war” between those who tooth and nail is clutching at the usual third dimension world and the ones who are striving to break free from it and gain the long-awaited freedom and unity moving to the world of the Fifth dimension.

The former are much more numerous but they are weaker in terms of energy.

That is why the latter due to their revived conscience and, consequently, vibrations surge little by little raise collective human conscience to a new height.

As a result of such energy redistribution those legging behind get an impressive doze of high vibration energies, which gradually changes their conscience towards the Divine and enables them to look with another eye upon the world.

Soon many would like to be free and independent people and live according to other – universal – values, not those that are artificially introduced by the powers that be getting them more and more involved into the world of insatiable material benefits consumption alien to human soul.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 15, 2019.

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