LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Political system of the Fifth dimension Earth)

life-on-new-earth-political-system-of-the-fifth-dimension-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about what the Fifth dimension Earth’s political system will be like.

But first, let us see what does the word “politics” means.

It derives from the Greek word “city, state” and in its original meaning it implied “city arrangement” or “state arrangement”.

This is the meaning that the politics of the higher dimensions worlds is focused on.

What about the Council of Elders?

This is a political body that coordinates people’s actions in all spheres of city life, state life or that of the planet in general for the greater good of all.

What politics has been turned into in the third dimension world is well-known to you.

In many countries this word has become a synonym of the filthiest and criminal actions towards people while political figures are often gross corruptionists taking advantage of power to reach their own mercenary ends, not for the sake of people at all.

In other words, politics in the third dimension world has turned from a state body that protects people’s interests into its opposite – a power structure of control and suppression of human will.

And even the availability of different political parties whatever nice slogans they cover with is actually just their struggle for power.

And it happens all across the globe with by far the rarest exception.

As you already know, all this results from the fact that since long ago your planet has been lorded by the Dragon reptiles who seized power on Earth and their product – reptiloids who live in accordance with quite distinct – non-Divine – laws and their interests do not rank among happy and successful life of humanity.

On the contrary, their aim is to provoke human negative energies of all kinds, which they have been doing for millennia.

But when Earth moves to a new stage of her development, with these dark energies out of place, such a notion as “politics” will acquire its original meaning and political figures will become the very “Elders” who will be guiding people’s activity in a wise way in all the spheres of their life in agreement with people’s interests only and for the sake of each planet’s inhabitant.

Such a notion as “corruption” will not exist there just because everybody will have what they really need and these needs will originate from their Soul, not insatiable Ego.

The Fifth dimension Earth’s political system may be compared with commune system as people will start living by communes according to interests.

And it will happen not under compulsion but as a result of natural processes – in consistence with the Universe Law of Attraction, as well as that of Unity which also presupposes the unity of goals.

Thus, there will gradually start to form agricultural, industrial, research, educational, artistic, musical, architectural communes, those providing services and a lot more.

Each of them will choose the most proficient, respected and the wisest of their members as their state’s representative for the Council of Elders.

Thereby on Earth there will be formed new political structures of government whose main targets will be harmonious development of society and reasonable distribution of material goods and services.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 27, 2021.

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