LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Archangel Michael)

life-on-new-earth-archangel-michaelGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about Archangels, and I will tell you in more details about the role played in the current events on Earth by the Archangel Michael.

His function can be well compared to the one performed by Ashtar Sheran, the commander in chief of the Galaxy Light Federation.

But while Ashtar Sheran’s subordinates are embodied, the “troops” of the Archangel Michael are disembodied creatures of Light.

The former and the latter are in rather high dimensions – not lower than the Fifth.

The Archangel Michael has long been respected by people as one of the most powerful saints and the main patron of common people.

Finding himself in the seventh dimension, he, nevertheless, can interact with people through “intermediaries” as Angel creatures being among his forces and Safeguard Angels of people.

His Service to people is protection of their energy space from the Dark Forces and, before all, from astral beings of all kinds who are in unceasing interaction with people.

What are the cases when he answers calls for help and considers he has the right to interfere in the processes taking place on Earth?

First of all, when an ancient and pure Soul is in danger, the one that has switched over to Service.

It should be noted that such Souls from the very birth are in ward of the Light Forces because not only lives of thousands of people depend on the successful fulfillment of their mission but sometimes destinies of entire countries and continents.

In exceptional cases from the very moment of such Soul’s incarnation on Earth it is protected by a huge army of the Light Forces.

That was just the case with Yeshua and Mary Magdalena. Till the very denouement – the crucifixion of Yeshua that was planned by his Soul before birth, he was in ward of the Light Forces, just as Mary Magdalena who was to live many years after her beloved husband’s physical death.

The Archangel Michael often helps soldiers but only those of them who protect their motherland and family, not those usurping other countries or conquering their citizens.

As you already know, my dear, everything that occurs on Earth is formed at the subtle level first.

And the events taking place at the physical level are ALWAYS reflected at the subtle level, too.

For example, during military operations there are at the same time astral battles in the near-earth space when astral beings at one side and the Light Forces at the other imbue with energies the participants of these battles.

Thus, aggressors are supported by the Dark Forces that thereby fortify the former’s aggression, while those defending their motherland, home and family are assisted by the Light Forces and, before all, by the Archangel Michael and his team.

If before the fight warriors mindfully invoke him, his support can be more efficient since they for their part made an INTENTION and showed FREE WILL.

But sometimes even without any request being made, people can be supported because their Safeguard Angels ask the Light Forces for help.

So, what kind of help can be provided?

It is energy support, first of all: infeed of the most powerful energies that strengthen one’s Spirit and belief in oneself.

And at the earthly level there are Safeguard Angels who in cases of emergency can even interact with one physically saving one from bullets and giving various hints and clues.

While at the subtle level astral beings who act at the other side are being dealt with.

They are aimed at with flows of high vibration energies that they cannot withstand and that make them retreat from the “battle-ground”.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 10, 2020.

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