LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Dear “enemies”)

life-on-new-earth-dear-enemiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to touch upon the topic that will be a little unexpected to you.

And what will be at issue is your attitude towards the so-called “enemies”.

In this case I do not mean the global scale criminals but your immediate environment.

Why have I made up my mind to talk about this?

Before all, because it is them who are the source of permanent annoyance for you and, consequently, the main “simulator” or, in other words, your spiritual maturity test.

And while your main “enemies” – globalists and their henchmen who live somewhere far away are not felt by you that strong in terms of energy, despite the fact you do practices and meditations on neutralization of their influence on Earth and humanity in general, your family and friends you contact directly all the time are felt by you physically.

At present there is in progress most vivid stratification according to vibrations and among “enemies”, that is, people who are not congenial to you in terms of spirit and stir up the feelings of irritation, discontent, alienation, there can turn out to be even your nearest and dearest: parents, brothers or sisters, wives or husbands, children and grandchildren, grannies and grandads…

Why do I call them “enemies”?

The only reason is that some of them convey low vibrations, that is, alien to you.

And in this case, in spite of your being One at the subtle level, at the physical level you find yourselves at different sides of the “barricades”.

While you have already left the metes and bounds of the third dimensionality by your conscience, such energy “enemies” are still completely plunged into the dual world which makes it hard for you to communicate with them.

There was a lot of advice provided in my messages on how to learn to coexist in a harmonious way with your close people whose vibrations are incomparably lower than those of yours.

But this time we will consider this from a little different perspective.

Right now it is essential to neutralize their influence on you – both energy, and physical one since at the last – final stage of Earth’s Ascension you should gain not only energy inviolability, but peace of mind as well.

And while many of you have already learnt well to work with energies purifying your subtle bodies and space around you from everything negative and alien, your contacts with close people who are alien to you in terms of spirit still upset your inner balance thereby reducing your vibrations.

And in my next message I will give your some easy practices helping you regulate the process of communication so that you can protect yourself from war of words and actions hostile to you.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 1, 2021.

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