WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (“To make friends” with the Law of Cause and Effect)

window-on-new-world-to-make-friends-with-the-law-of-cause-and-effectGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to focus on one more Law of the Universe that is likely to make influence on you indirectly.

And at issue will be the Law of Cause and Effect that is inseparable from two other Laws: that of Attraction and Reflection.

Why have I decided to dedicate a separate message to the talk about it?

First of all, because it is this Law that is the easiest for you to monitor especially now when fast karma has come into force.

It is the easiest for you to work with since it calls everything what it really is becoming quickly apparent at the physical level.

It is even possible to say that it is the most “material’ Law of the Universe.

So, any event in your life is ALWAYS a consequence of these or those thoughts, emotions and deeds of yours – both in big and small.

Therefore, if you learn to find the reasons for your failure or, the other way round, success, not putting it to the back burner, you will quickly “make friends” with this Law, which will enable you to advance in your spiritual development considerably.

Having mastered it in practice, you will make sure yourselves that everything in your life depends ONLY on you yourselves irrespective of external circumstances, your environment, political situation, etc.

And the recent years have made the most vivid example of it when under the circumstances same for everybody some people compliantly allowed themselves to be led by the authorities, while others even at material and moral expenses managed to protect their right to be their own masters and did not let outrage against their body and Soul.

So, one and the same cause depending on the free will expressed by people has lead their way to absolutely different effects: has plunged some people still deeper into the third dimensionality, while raised others to the height of the fourth dimension thereby opening the way to Ascension for them.

Well, the things are not so simple as this, of course, since the behaviour of the former and the latter category of people features a variety of difference nuances.

Thus, somebody’s Soul did not accept “the rules of the game” but one had to agree to it so as to save one’s children from starvation, while some others having rejected the so-called “vaccination” were only thinking about preventing any harm to themselves not being aware of the scale of the crimes against humanity.

Each person, as well as their life conditions, is so unique that there are no similar causes or effects on Earth, there are only general tendencies for them, the ones that eventually make up the overall either positive or negative development vectors of the whole humanity.

And the behaviour of each single individual goes into the piggy bank of the common collective conscience.

And I would like you, my dear, to be perfectly aware of your responsibility not only to your own Soul but also to the whole humanity whose part you are.

Try to make your positive contribution to your shared energy “piggy bank” invariably, which will enable you and millions of other people to make the long-awaited Transition to the Fifth dimension faster.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 23, 2022.

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