the-last-callGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress from our topic and will speak about the way events are developing on Earth during the first days of September.

Now there is coming the time in your life when every day you have to protect, both physically and in terms of energy, not only your own rights but those of your children’s,  as well, for they are still totally dependent on you.

As you already know, the last stage of reptiloids’ plan on complete humanity enslavement consists in general vaccination\chipping of the population and activation of the thick net of 5G installments, the ones designed to control people on your planet.

Right now each human soul is being struggled for.

And this struggle is far from being equal since governance institutions and mass media, that is all human conscience control levels, are in power of reptiloids.

And the fact that in spite of this, millions of people all around your planet go in the street and demonstrate their protest against the violence they have been subject to, means that collective human conscience has revived and the point of no return to the past has already been passed by.

I congratulate you on this, my dear, but to consolidate this result you are still to make a lot of efforts.

So, what should it be expressed in at the present moment?

Before all, in your going on with your energy work on dissolving all negative energies and alien programmes in collective human conscience and visualization of the new society, with everyone being free and happy.

But now you should also be really careful about the authorities’ actions and especially those concerning your children.

Of course, under no circumstances should you let masking be imposed on them, irrespective of their age.

Lack of oxygen in a child’s body that is not strong enough yet can cause a whole set of diseases and changes of irreversible character.

Yet, as dangerous is the fact that masking cultivates slavish psychology in a child and makes a little creature that has not managed to reveal their bright unique personality totally depersonalized.

This is what ruling reptiloids are trying to do right now: from the very childhood to bring people up as obedient and featureless slaves.

Remember, my dear, that you have a huge responsibility on you – to prevent this crime from happening and despite all the hardships you face on the way to bring up free and happy people who are to build a new life on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

I understand that many of you will have to ruin the usual lifestyle and do the things totally new to you.

Yet, there is no other way out so far since what is at issue is health and happiness of your children.

And the most important is that you should save them from vaccination that now will be imposed on children by fair means or foul in kindergartens, schools and higher education establishments.

Now you already know that at present there is NOT A SINGLE vaccine that would not do irreparable harm to physical and psychic health of a person.

Any of them contain not only fatal set of alien genes and programmes but nanoparticles through which there can be performed direct influence on human conscience and body.

Nowadays the life and happiness of your children is entirely in your hands since they themselves have no rights so far and cannot make decisions concerning them.

Please, my dear, take my words very seriously and let it be the main test on how you have learnt all the knowledge gained during these years.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 5, 2020.

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