moment-of-truthGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I would like to share with you my findings on the recent events on your planet and tell you about the part the Galaxy Light Federation representatives play in them.

The autumn that has come will give you a lot of surprise that will influence life of every person.

You will have to reconsider really a lot of things that used to be usual and natural for you.

Many of you will have to face arbitrary rule of authorities and their aggressive behaviour towards you and your children.

There will be advanced the stratification in the society into those who support the restrictive measures related to the “pandemic” imposed on you and those who are well aware of its underlying reason.

In other words, there is coming the moment of truth for each of you.

And every person has their own truth since one can understand and accept just the reality their conscience is ready for.

And it is quite appropriate since Earth is a home to a variety of human souls – both young and really ancient ones, as well as other beings who have embodied as humans.

Since we see the energy component of each of you, your reaction to the current events enables us to evaluate it and come up with some statistics – the vibration one.

So now we observe the following situation on Earth.

People are really beginning to revive, and their conscience is swiftly changing, which entails collective human conscience vibration increase.

As far as clones, reptiloids and other low vibration civilizations representatives embodied as humans are concerned, their conscience is, on the contrary, decreasing its vibrations since they are obsessed by fear for their life and well-being, while their subtle material structure is unable to “digest” energies of vibrations that are so high.

This is exactly the reason why they are the overwhelming majority that dutifully follows all the issued instructions responding in an aggressive manner to those who unlike them do not follow these instructions.

Therefore, vibration gap of pure human souls and all the rest inhabitants of your planet is getting bigger and bigger with every single day.

And at this supreme for Earth and humanity moment the Galaxy Light Federation has arrived to a decision to support in terms of energy people’s intention to break away from reptiloids’ traps awaiting them at every turn so that the low vibration majority of the planet’s inhabitants would not drag them down to the third dimensionality again where their conscience becomes susceptible and controllable.

I think that many of you have already felt our help and support since fear starts leaving your souls, while your faith and belief in yourself has become to grow and get stronger.

Step by step the high vibration energy flows arriving at Earth nowadays will start forcing out from the high vibration space formed those who cannot exist in these energies supporting at the same time those whose vibrations are increasing with every single day.

At the physical level it will be expressed in the fact that power, slow but sure, will come to people’s side, and authorities will not be able to make pressure on them.

There will begin mass uniting, Solidarity to be exact, of those who have managed to break free from the third dimensionality bounds, as a result of which general vaccination that for decades has been prepared by reptiloids will concern only those to agree to it voluntarily.

And these are mostly not humans but beings that were spoken about at the beginning of my message.

So now, our role is in scanning vibrations of just people and helping those of them at the crossroads supporting them in terms of energy.

Now there is energy scanning and pointwise assistance being provided to every revived person.

Please, invoke us every time you feel you need support to make your Spirit and belief in yourself stronger.

We always hear you and give a helping hand whenever you call.

Sincerely loving you,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 5, 2020.

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