transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-sexual-promiscuityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now I would like to focus on the influence in terms of energy made on humans by sexual dissoluteness that in modern world is covered by the nice expression of “free relations between a man and a woman”.

Unfortunately, people in the third dimension world have never managed to find the golden mean in this sphere of their life going from one extreme to the other.

These relationships were either “held in bondage” by strict family customs often uniting people who do not love each other having nothing in common for all their life or resulted in outrageous licentiousness, which can be observed nowadays in many countries of the world.

Yet, this “freedom” has nothing to do with the freedom in its Divine sense.

Why and how did it happen?

First of all, because in the third dimension world human vibrations are so low that one rarely builds relationships with the opposite sex on the basis of spiritual and physical intimacy symbiosis.

Besides, only union like this can create really harmonious couple having raised sexual energy of both of them to the height unseen.

But without this spiritual component the union of a man and a woman lacks its Divinity gaining quite different qualities.

What does it lead to in terms of energy?

Most often to self-destruction of personality and depletion of sexual energy up till the lowest mark.

And in this case it does not matter whether a woman or a man is at issue since it concerns both of them.

As an example let us take free sexual relations so popular with the young, the ones that show themselves as frequent change of the so-called “partners”.

As you see, even the words themselves – terms established in the society – convey some kind of soullessness and facelessness.

Sex for the sake of sex turns just into physiological needs satisfaction.

Well, what kind of energy interaction happens between a man and a woman in this case?

Their sexual energy being deprived of the Divine component descends to the lower astral level thereby attracting the beings living there.

Having satiated themselves with the low energies of these people they in their turn begin to saturate them with their own ones initiating this way the vicious “circle” of low vibration sexual energies.

This is the reason of sexual promiscuity of those having sexual intercourse WITHOUT LOVE.

Their souls get entrapped by the astral beings feeding on sexual energy of people and their bodies become generators of these low energies.

Searching for more and more new victims of their passion such people often turn into real sexual maniacs ruining their own soul and souls of those ensnared by them.

It is not rare that other astral beings join in as well, those feeding on the energy of pride, self-assertion, arrogance, as a result of which one starts braving one’s sexual “victories” and looking down on others less “successful” in sexual sense friends and acquaintances.

Thus, their sexual “freedom” becomes sexual enslavement that now leads to overall moral degradation.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 22, 2020.

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