WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Earthly rod of light body)

window-on-new-world-earthly-rod-of-light-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will learn to get the physical body tuned onto the light one.

It is essential that still being dense it has learnt to feel vibrations of its subtle bodies and get tuned onto each of them.

While the light body is a harmonious combination of all your subtle bodies that are tuned onto the chakras corresponding to them in terms of vibrations, your physical body is so far in sleeping condition.

It resembles the way many people being in the third dimension world have already moved to the Fifth dimension by their conscience.

So now they are to pull up their physical body to this high vibration space.

Yet, for this process to run smoothly and painlessly, one is to explore the world of the fourth dimension first.

We will act on the premises that your light body is what the space of the fourth dimension is.

So now you have to pull your physical body to its high vibrations.

Start with improving your “Merkaba” a little having enriched it with the strength of your physical body.

And now I will offer you a meditation that will help you to do it.

We will call it “An earthly rod of the light body”.

One’s physical body is exactly the “rod” that grounds “Merkaba” and facilitates one’s existence in the world of the third dimension.

This meditation will complement the practice on your light body creation grounding it to some extent since in this case the focus is laid on your dense – physical – body.

It is necessary to plunge into quite a deep meditative state to do it having invoked all one’s Heavenly assistants.

Well, relax, breathe deeply for some time and start the meditation with the practice Merkaba of the fourth dimension.

As soon as your chakras and subtle bodies reach one vibration rhythm, you can get down to work with your physical body.

In thoughts ask all your physical body organs and vital systems to get tuned onto the ideal frequencies of the chakras and subtle bodies they correspond to.

Meanwhile it is not necessarily to remember all the niceties of their interaction – what chakra is responsible for functioning of a certain organ as in this case what is important is the power of your intention to encourage their perfect harmony having caught the ideal vibration frequency for the whole body of yours.

It is also crucial to switch off one’s Mind having completely relied on your Divine conscience and the intelligent energies that are filling your energy space during this meditation.

Just relax and concentrate on the physical sensations of your body.

Perceive keenly its vibrations, perception nuances of these or those frequencies produced by your subtle sense organs.

Sensations can vary greatly for each of you, yet, they must be nice and soothing anyway.

With each new meditation the “palette” of your sensations will become increasingly bright and saturated.

Thanks to this meditation your light body will start getting “grounded” taking in your physical body too.

This “grounding” will allow you already now to shape your crystalline body because it will be safely secured from external influence by the “Merkaba” of the light body.

And do not forget to set a mirror shield of the Flame of the Universe Love at this complex energy “structure” so as to keep it whole and inviolable.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 1, 2022.

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