WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Society of reasonable material wealth distribution)

window-on-new-world-society-of-reasonable-material-wealth-distributionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about what the needs of man in the society of the fourth dimension will be like.

Perhaps, you have already guessed that they will differ considerably from the ones that are being cultivated and artificially imposed in the third dimension world.

It will not be a consumption society this time but a society of reasonable wealth distribution.

What do I mean by these words?

One will get what one needs for a happy and comfortable life and one will decide on it oneself.

Of course, such life’s criteria will vary from person to person – depending on their needs and desires.

Yet, these desires and needs will initially be reasonable since people will not have to invest money in something so as to provide an appropriate standard of life in the future.

So, accommodation, for example, will be distributed according to the size of the family the way each of it has their personal space but at the same time there is no excessive surplus which is often the case in the third dimension world, with someone living in castles and others huddling together in tiny flats with no opportunity to stay alone in private.

The life of the fourth dimension will be abandoned by such a notion as prestigiousness, and it will be enough to change the approach to life of this high vibration space’s inhabitants.

Well, how will such redistribution of material wealth occur?

To start with, the fourth dimension can be only moved to by the people whose conscience completely corresponds to it.

Jealousy, competition, the desire to be notable – all this will remain in the past that is why reasonable distribution of accommodation and other material things will become a natural process and the basis of a new society.

In my previous message I already mentioned that the fourth dimension society is akin to communism in its ideal variant.

Until you ultimately move to the Fifth dimension where you will be able to create your reality by power of thought, in the transitional fourth dimension you will have to take an awareness test: in ability to co-exist with other people according to the principles of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood.

Not everybody will manage to pass it since for too long and in a too persistent way separation of all kinds has been instilled into your conscience.

To get rid of this programme is impossible all of a sudden. That is why already now do start to get ready for this approach to life absolutely new to you.

Get rid of all unnecessary things and try to realize your genuine reasonable needs.

But REASONABLE indeed.

Do not go to extremes, with asceticism among them, unless it is typical of you.

Yet, on the other hand, avoid luxuries that please your Ego and are fashionable attributes of the modern consumption society.

Let it become your dress rehearsal – preparation to a new life.

Look closely at you environment: perhaps, someone needs the things that are excessive to you.

But to offer help the way so as not to offend another person is also a skill.

It should be done delicately indeed so as not to humiliate them but to share the joy of donation with them.

Already now, my dear, learn to live the way as if you have already moved to the world of the fourth dimension.

Get rid of all the things you do not need or the ones out of date both in your conscience and your life.

And let it become an apparent material manifestation of the changes that are now occurring to you at the subtle level.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 17, 2022.

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