WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (According to vibrations and interests)

window-on-new-world-according-to-vibrations-and-interestsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message now we will talk about the way to avoid negative issues while living together in communes.

At present it is becoming topical indeed since human vibrations are increasing with every single day and a lot of people are thinking of starting living BEYOND the third dimension world’s system that has had its days.

I know that in many countries there are appearing groups of like-minded people who realize the impossibility of existence within the frames of the current criminal control system that is counter to their worldview.

Some of such groups are still at the stage of formation, while others are thinking about joint settlements.

What should be taken into consideration by the former and the latter ones so that their projects get “flesh” at the physical level and turn out a success?

Since any group is joined by the people of different levels of spiritual development, the first thing to do is to find those who coincide with you in terms of vibrations and psychological parameters as much as possible.

For this purpose you can use “rough” and “fine” tuning, as well as human psychotypes.

As a result of this, initially large group can fall into several smaller ones.

And there is nothing wrong about this if such division is based not on censure or pride but on Divine expediency.

In this case the notion of “rough” energy tuning concerns not a single person but applies to a whole group.

So, for example, if a group was created on the basis of opposition to the authorities and all its participants know about the existence of the deep state and their programme on annihilation of humanity, it can be enough to serve as a mental basis for this group.

Yet, one should not forget about the energy component either that is as important and determines relationships between all the members of the group.

And while the mental basis is “rough” tuning for the group members, for the group not to fall apart and all its members to interact in a harmonious way, “fine” energy tuning according to the psychotype and common interests is necessary this time.

It will be ideal if everybody understands it and accepts with no censure the fact that being in one community, nevertheless, people having been attracted to each other by vibrations can create their own small subgroups, then such a commune will be able to exist quite harmoniously.

As a matter of fact, this process is quite natural since everyone cognizes the world and gets up the spiritual development ladder at their own speed.

And to urge on somebody imposing one’s worldview is not appropriate at all – it can bring the opposite results.

Therefore, the wisest thing to do is to let everyone communicate with those who interest them and as long as it is prompted by their Soul, with no offenses or blames as it is often the case in the third dimension world.

But it is of extreme importance that at the same time the connection between small groups is not lost and there takes place their mutual enrichment – information, material, spiritual, energy.

So, one group can be concentrated on the global events drawing information from a variety of resources so as to keep all the rest informed about the issues they are less competent in.

While another group, being more spiritually advanced, can tell the others about the energy changes on your planet and about their experience in working at vibration increase and development of intuition perception of the world.

This way, all the group members will pull up each other in the issues they are more experienced in themselves.

Yet, a closer communication should occur with those who are as close to one in terms of vibrations and world perception as possible.

These are exactly the basics that it is possible already now to create the islands of Light on Earth with that will become prototype of a new society of the Fifth dimension.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 25, 2023.

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