window-on-new-world-last-chanceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about those light souls who for these or those reasons have already accepted the so-called “vaccine”.

I see that this issue worries a lot of you – both those who have undergone this procedure themselves and those who have failed to save their friends and relatives from it.

Though the consequences of this preparation introduction into the human body has already been mentioned about more than once, today I would like to approach this issue from the practical point of view.

As you have been able to make sure yourselves, the reaction of the human body to “vaccination” can vary greatly.

Of course, a lot depends on what “vaccine” exactly one has accepted and how many times one has been exposed to the procedure.

Yet, as important is also the energy profile of the person themselves, as well as the level of their conscience.

So, material-oriented people with low vibration level get resonated with the preparation’s components of vibrations as low almost straight away.

As a result of this, the negative energies in their subtle bodies get even more concentrated, which is manifested as aggressive and sometimes, on the contrary, depressive condition.

Anyway, live Divine energy gradually leaves such people.

This is also facilitated by the influence their DNA is exposed to by the alien gene that the so-called “vaccine” contains.

Being part of a low vibration creature lacking a Divine component, this gene finds favourable conditions for its development in the person.

Consequently, such a person gets adapted to an organism new to them despite the fact that the quality of their physical parameters gets depleted as a result of the destructive effect of the artificial components ruining innate human immune system.

Well, what about those whose high vibrations are discordant with the composition of the so-called “vaccines”?

If vibration gap is too large, one can leave the physical level almost immediately.

While if it is a pure human Soul whose vibrations are at the average level, which is mostly the case in the modern third dimension world, in their body there take place quite complicated energy processes since there is struggle for survival in them in progress, not only physical but Divine one at that.

God Gene contained in the DNA of a pure human Soul is very strong and will not readily lose its ground.

Therefore, at the energy level followed by the physical one there is vehement opposition to the “stranger” that intruded into a Divine creation that man is.

A great deal of support is also provided by the Light Forces that supervise such person’s Soul in an attempt to neutralize the destructive effect of the preparation.

Yet, a much greater result can be reached in case a person themselves realizes what tragic mistake they have made and having sincerely repented it, starts a systematic work on themselves.

Of course, what is at issue, first of all, is energy work on dissolving all alien substances contained in the “vaccine” and, before all, a low vibration creature’s genome that was introduced into this preparation.

But it is essential for this work to be carried out by the PERSON THEMSELVES since it is not simply a healing séance but a consequential decision and responsibility for one’s Soul.

Without a complete awareness of one’s mistake and its tragic consequences it will be impossible to change anything.

Invoke all the Light Forces of the Universe for your séances, dissolve the contents of the “vaccines” by the Flame of Universe Love and as often as possible fill all your subtle bodies with the Energy of Ascension.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 22, 2022.

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