LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Leveling of vibrations)

life-on-new-earth-leveling-of-vibrationsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about the interaction of two people featuring different vibrations.

Now let us study the second variant of such interaction.

This time the person vibrating at the sixth chakra is perfectly aware of their responsibility for themselves and their interlocutor and does everything possible not only to maintain their own vibrations at the appropriate level but also to try to increase their interlocutor’s vibrations from the third chakra at least to the fourth one and, which is even better, to the fifth chakra.

What can they do for this?

Before all, to take another person as they are not making any judgement or valuation in their respect.

Even if you know and understand everything about them, treat them as elders do their younger ones.

And let your approach of an “elder” mean not looking down on them from the height of your spiritual superiority but a wise and loving look of a friend who understands that everyone travels their road in a different way.

It is quite possible that unlike you who have experienced hundreds and maybe thousands of incarnations in various worlds, your interlocutor is a young and unexperienced soul indeed whose spiritual journey has just begun.

You will not blame a child for being small and unable to read yet, won’t you?

You are likely to do your best to teach them to read instead so that they have as soon as possible new horizons open for them and they will be able to plunge into the magic world of fairy tales and adventures themselves.

The same way you can open a new world and new opportunities to a person who has just begun to develop spiritually.

But unlike a child they have had time to acquired patterns, stereotypes and habits typical of the third dimension world man.

They are not “plasticine” any more like a small child that you can “mould” a personality with but quite a mature adult firmly standing for their views.

That is why for a start you should make it “softer”. And, of course, you can do it by means of energy only.

Fill them and all the space around you with the Energy of Love and Light.

For this purpose a recent practice “Magic blanket” will also be handy.

You can also make use of any other practice you like for purifying of human conscience and energy space from all kinds of negative energies and third dimension world programmes.

The next step will be leveling of your vibrations.

To implement this you should imagine yourself and your interlocutor as energy silhouettes and create around you a Sphere filled with the Energy of Ascension.

This universal and very gentle energy can work miracles dissolving all low vibration energies and at the same time changing human conscience freeing it from the third dimension world programmes.

And only after you have realized that the high vibration field created by you “softened” the dense aura of your interlocutor, you can carefully and considerately “put out feelers” so as to estimate the amount of new information you can convey to them about what is actually in progress on Earth now.

Depending on their reaction you can adjust your actions smoothening contradictions and bypassing the issues they are not prepared for yet.

This way in no rush but with love and understanding you can “sculpture” a new spiritually advanced person’s image not speeding up the situation sometimes even ceasing your communication giving them opportunity to learn the material new to them.

This is the only way, my dear, you can save yourself and a close person from irritation, mutual disappointment and sometimes from serious arguments that can bring to both of you nothing but suffering.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 27, 2021.

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