LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Magic blanket)

life-on-new-earth-magic-blanketGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message is addressed to those of you who have not realized the role of energies in your life to a full extent yet.

In spite of the fact that for more than five years now we have been constantly talking about different kinds of energies, some people do not physically feel them yet that is why all the reasoning about energy influence on people remain partially unsubstantiated theory rather than practice for them.

Therefore, today I would like to draw your attention to this issue from a little different perspective so that you can see the results of your work with energies not even physically feeling them.

For this purpose try to imagine various kinds of energies not as invisible flows of particles but as multicoloured blankets that you slip on this or that person, your flat, house, city or planet.

Why have I chosen just the image of a blanket?

Only because it is more material, and it will be easier for you to imagine this thick fabric covering this or that object or a person and protecting them from negative energies impact.

This “blanket” is, of course, not a common one.

Its “cloth” is by far the thinnest grid that is some kind of energy “transformer”.

It blocks the way of low vibration energies preventing them from leaking inside at the same time dissolving by its Light the things yielding to such transformation, as well as letting the excess of dark energy outwards through itself.

This process can be compared to chaotic Brownian movement, with the only difference being in that in this case there occurs natural separation of light and dark particles.

They move the way that under the blanket there remain only light particles, while dark ones, being attracted to the magic grid as if by a magnet, leak outwards through it as they are forced out by the high vibration field created under this blanket.

This way there takes place natural selection according to vibrations that is typical of all the living beings not only on Earth but also in the whole Universe.

You can imagine this “blanket” as your imagination will have it, but it is better to imagine it light and airy, which corresponds more to high vibration Divine energies.

Little by little, having learnt to visualize energies as such a “tangible image”, you will take a step towards subtler perception of them.

I am sure that such method of interaction with energies will help some people see the results of their work more distinctly.

And, of course, it will turn more efficient if you render your imaginary blanket coloured same as the energy you are working with at the moment.

So, the “blanket” of the Energy of Ascension can shine with all the colours of the rainbow, while the “blanket” of the Universe Energy of Plasm can have fiery orange shade.

No doubt, you can show creativity here too and come up with your own methods of working with energy “blankets” of various colours and shades making use of them as you wish and assigning various tasks to them.

The main principle of work here is AWARENESS of the fact that your “blanket” transforms Dark into Light and at the same time protects the energy space of somebody or something from negative energies penetrating there.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 19, 2021.

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