WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Leaving third dimension matrix)

window-on-new-world-leaving-third-dimension-matrixGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I feel like talking to you about the current events on Earth and consider them from the perspective of the third dimension programmes again that were spoken about in a series of my messages.

Everything that has to do with the military conflict in Ukraine and more is assuming a grotesque touch now, isn’t it?

It is not even a theatrical performance now but a real clownery that involves the leading countries of the world’s governments.

But a lot of people take it seriously and unmurmuringly believe what they are told by politicians.

Why does it happen?

The only reason is that these people live not following their mind, let alone intuition, but in strict correspondence with the programmes of the third dimension world.

And in this case when the old world turned out endangered, all these programmes were brought into play at a full capacity.

It is them that the shadow government pins their hopes on that knows perfectly well what buttons to press to gain the desired result.

They act in compliance with centuries-old tried-and-tested scheme: first, to intimidate people and make their life unbearable and then throw a sop for them they will be over the moon with.

Which has shown especially vividly for the last two years.

But this time the “sop” will turn into a means of their final enslavement – digital one.

This is exactly what is staked on by those who contrived this inhumane scheme.

Well, what third dimension programmes have been set in motion here?

Almost all of them.

Among them is intimidation: creation of fatal danger under colour of “pandemic”.

And compulsion to mandatory “vaccination” that leaves almost no option to people.

And application of favourite globalists’ tool “Divine and rule” as a result of which society has divided into two groups – vaccinated and unvaccinated people who are quite aggressive to each other.

And introduction of the notion of being “chosen” that has actually turned into digital enslavement by means of special admission codes for public places.

But seeing that the first stage of the operation started to malfunction, globalists brought into play “heavy artillery” this time: they provoked a military conflict in order to encourage still more separation among people dividing them into aggressors and victims.

As you see, not everyone could figure out all the artful design of the shadow government’s plans since the majority of people acted exactly in compliance with the programmes of the third dimension world “churning out” just the reactions they were expected to produce.

And only a small segment of Earth’s population managed to “break” the time-tested third dimension pattern of mentality and behaviour in an attempt to convey to the others the actual causes and aims of the events.

This is the very unconventional reaction that can ruin the vicious circle of stereotypes instilled into human conscience and making them “dance to somebody else’s tune” not caring a bit about the consequences.

And I see that the number of such people is getting larger and larger and, consequently, the dual “empire” of third dimensionality that has been created for centuries is beginning to collapse gradually making space for a new unipolar world.

And you, my dear, take active part indeed in this evolution process crucial for humanity and your planet.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 29, 2022.

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