public-opinionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the way you can oppose public opinion that is strenuously formed by the shadow government through the media in their grip.

Even if you yourselves do not watch or listen to the mainstream news channels, this way or another you find yourselves involved into the vast information field created by them due to the people around you.

But first, let us find out what public opinion is and why the impact it makes on people is so great.

Public opinion is quintessence of information that is artificially introduced into human conscience with this or that purpose.

It is public opinion that all information wars are based on that are, generally speaking, nothing but public opinions confrontation.

Thus, opposing sides carefully develop human mind influence policies, as a rule, for mercenary ends.

But in exceptional cases when survival of a nation or, as the case is at present, of whole humanity is at issue, public opinion can well be formed with good intentions.

In other words, it depends on who exactly forms this opinion: destructive forces or constructive ones.

Let us have a case study of the burning issue of the day: confrontation of the Forces of Light and Dark that resulted in military actions in Ukraine.

As you see, the war is being made at two fronts at the same time – on land and in media space, with considerate “battles” being in progress at both the fronts.

But the motive power at either location is public opinion that both the opposing sides are fighting for.

And the situation is taking an exciting and even paradoxical turn: one of the sides appears stronger on battle fields, while the other one – in the information war.

Why has it happened?

The only reason for that is the fact that puppet government of Ukraine finds itself in the patronage of globalists who actually unleashed and are making this proxy war as represented by Ukrainians.

And since all the media in the world are still under the shadow government’s control, they are successfully manipulating the conscience of millions of people creating the public opinion they need.

And the gist of it is, having laid the blame for the military conflict in Ukraine at Russia’s door, to make it out to be an aggressor and villain as viewed by the public.

For this purpose the grossest and “dirtiest” methods are being applied: flagrant lie, falsifications and perversion of facts.

Well, what about the other side? What public opinion is it forming?

Just the opposite one since in the eyes of Russian society this confrontation is of liberation character and in the broadest meaning at that.

Russia is liberating not only the Ukrainian nation, but also whole humanity from fascism and its upgraded extended version – globalism whose aim now is to enslave not a single nation, but whole humanity both physically and mentally.

Thanks to this the public opinion of the Russian side conveys quite a different feature that is based on spiritual component.

Therefore, the two opposing public opinions feature absolutely distinct energies: of low and high vibrations.

The former is aimed at provoking human emotions of fear, aggression and censure, while the other one – at liberation of humanity from fascism ideology and digital enslavement.

But before long all the crimes committed by globalists at the Ukrainian land will be disclosed and global public opinion will undergo profound changes having realized the liberation character of the military actions taken by Russia.

As soon as it happens, the vibration profile of Earth and humanity will change and your planet will be taken over by the light and pure energies of Ascension.

And, of course, you, my dear, can make a considerable contribution to it changing the public opinion of your environment, filling your Earth with the energies of highest vibrations and letting them pass through your energy space.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 13, 2022.

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