darkest-hour-is-that-before-dawnGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to continue talking about the niceties of the energy processes now in progress on Earth but this time focus on interaction of man with the Dark Forces that have activated now as ever.

Perhaps, many of you have noticed that these days energy attacks on you have not just become more common but also aggravated, which influences your physical and psychic condition.

Why does it happen?

The main reason is that the concentration of old energies featuring low vibrations is increasing every day.

It happens due to the fact that the new high vibration energies arriving at Earth and taking their “niche” here are driving out the third dimension world energies out of date that in their turn are getting compressed to the utmost and so as not to disappear at all are trying to take any chance to replenish and expand themselves.

As a result, all kinds of negative energies that are in permanent contact with astral beings are finishing the cycle of their existence at an accelerated speed now.

And since the main source of nourishment for astral beings are negative energies generated by people, the former do their best to “stir up” human emotions like these with all the means available to them.

At this point their aim coincides with that of Reptiloids and Orions who are also clinging to life by provoking people’s energies of lowest vibrations.

Thereby, at the most critical moment of transition of Earth and humanity to a new dimension by mutual efforts they have succeeded in rendering your planet literally showered with the flow of the negative low vibration energies of fear, aggression, hatred, separation, censure, offense, envy, jealousy…

And this “flow” like an avalanche is sweeping away everything on its way, with purest and lightest ancient souls being undoubtedly there too.

Few manage to “keep their feet” under vigourous pressure of negative energies that have reached the peak of their concentration.

This is what accounts for your thus tangible perception of energy attacks at the physical level.

Well, why can’t these energies be withstood even by the people of high frequency vibrations?

The reason is rather simple.

So far none of you can ALL THE TIME maintain the level of energy inviolability which is achieved only when one gets ultimately “settled” at the space of the fourth dimension.

Each breakdown of yours – mental or emotional – makes a hole in your subtle bodies which astral beings of all kinds are quick to take advantage of in an attempt to neutralize the enemy as represented by you who generates high vibration energies fatal for them.

And while dealing with common people who are involved into the third dimension life whirl they manage it quick and simple, in case of a revived person they have to work hard, which they do in a diligent and systematic way.

As a rule, the fruits of their “labour” are noticed by you when they are expressed as pain or a sudden and inexplicable depression.

So as to prevent such an outcome, you should learn to pursue a preemptive tactics: being all the time within a protective sphere and not allowing at the same time your thoughts and emotions to take their course that can punch a hole in this sphere from within.

I know that is not easy, my dear: dual mentality and behaviour stereotypes have got so badly compressed in your subconscience.

But believe me, now it is your most urgent and top-priority work – your “pass” to the Fifth dimension.

And I hope that this “work” will become easy, enjoyable and fun for you thanks to numerous practices among which you can choose the ones to your Soul brining you joy and turning your life into an excitement.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 11, 2022.

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