on-a-moments-notice-of-yoursGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message I would like to point out one more nuance of your interaction with the Forces of Light at this stage of Transition.

As I have already mentioned, there is almost no time left for procrastination therefore all the processes on Earth – both energy and physical – are in process at an accelerated rate.

It is well illustrated by instant karma that I told you about the other days and the evil deeds that are now brought to the point of absurdity and are committed on your planet ruining man not only physically but morally as well.

And, of course, these changes could not but influence your relationships with your Heavenly assistants whose mission is to support humanity during this transition period.

All of them are working now in “all-out” way and it is connected with the fact that the time for natural selection of souls ready for Transition and those absolutely unprepared to make it is running out.

So, while during recent decades Forces of Light, as well as people striving for spiritual development, could allow themselves to take their time while working, now they have no opportunity like this.

The representatives of the Forces of Light are doing their best to help as many people as possible out of the third dimension matrix that is disappearing into thin air so apparently.

They like lifeguards are rushing to save people on board the old holed ship that is going down and lend them a helping hand so that they could get to another one now – a beautiful ship heading for the Fifth dimension.

But it shows in a variety of ways for you, with some of them being quite unexpected or cruel at first sight.

The methods of “rescue” are individual for every person, and they depend on a lot of factors: human Soul’s age, experience gained for now, life conditions one finds oneself in, one’s environment and many more.

Well, it takes one person just some assistance as a clue or a hint that are created for one by the Forces of Light and one’s Safeguard Angels.

It takes more advanced assistance for another one to make one’s conscience revive as quickly as possible and it can ruin one’s usual ideas of life and drive one out of comfort zone.

While still another one is destined to live through pain and sorrow that are the only ones capable of returning one to the straight and narrow and purifying one’s Soul from filth, which from the average man’s point of view may seem too cruel and unjust.

Each of you pays your own “price” for Soul’s revival but not everyone can understand it – this is what makes your complaints arise in respect of the Light Forces, as well as moaning and reproach of them being inactive.

Believe me, my dear, everything is always done for your sake if there is even a slightest chance of providing assistance in your revival and moving to the Fifth dimension with Earth.

This is the reason for Transition to have been prolonged – for as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of this genuine and never-seen-before opportunity of Ascension in one’s physical body.

That is why be attentive to all the clues and hints that are falling thick and fast now and be grateful to all your helpers from the subtle level for their support and cooperation.

Now there is in progress large-scale joint work of all the Light Forces both on Earth and in Heaven since the Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension has reached its final stage and is coming up to an end.

Communicate as often as possible with your Higher Self, your Safeguard Angels, Ascended Masters and your Galaxy family.

They always hear you and will be there for you on a moment’s notice.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 10, 2022.

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