instant-karmaGreetings, my dear beloved children!

In today’s message I would like to show you the twists and turns of karmic laws functioning in terms of energy changes on your planet.

As it has already been said more than once in my messages, thanks to the new high vibration energies that are arriving at Earth now, time frames of these laws functions have compressed to the utmost.

And it has happened because at present all the energy processes are swiftly changing their parameters.

I have already told you that in the world of the Fifth dimension all your wishes will come true immediately.

It will occur due to the fact that you will find yourselves at the same vibration wave with Earth, that is, your thoughts and emotions will get immediately tuned onto the vibrations of the space around you.

But since your planet has almost entered a new high vibration space now, the character of its interaction with people is changing more and more.

Thus, a person at high vibration frequency can realize their wishes that resonate with the high vibrations of Earth almost immediately.

While the wishes of a person whose wishes still remain at the level of the third dimension world, on the contrary, get “repulsed” from a new high vibration space.

As a result, any negative thought, emotion, to say the least of an action, returns to them at once being of the same quality.

This is what is called instant karma.

In other words, any nonDivine action is rejected by the new energies and returns on the rebound to the one who initiated it.

Of course, the notion “instant” should not be taken literally.

I use it just because in old times it took karma many years, and sometimes incarnations to return to a person.

Therefore, the fact that now it is returning to people within several months, weeks, days or even hours can actually be called “instant”.

And you can watch this process not only in your own case by in case of those who are deciding the fate of the world now.

It is quite soon that criminal actions of the deep state’s marionettes who are now artificially creating political, economic and moral crisis on Earth will backfire on them.

And all of you will witness their activities actual goals being disclosed layer by layer, the ones aimed at annihilation of humanity in the most direct meaning of the word.

Many will refuse to believe the things in progress – thus grave are the crimes committed by those who you are used to calling “high and mighty”.

And karma will overcome them completely since their low thoughts, emotions and desires will not be able to come true as they are incompatible with the new energy profile of Earth.

They do not correspond to her high vibrations and in this case neither power nor money can help them out.

Therefore, with every single day the stratification of people in terms of vibrations will be increasing more and more, which will eventually result in complete “undocking” of the high vibration part of humanity from the one that will fail to break free from the third dimension reality in terms of energy.

And from now on no one will be able to influence this process since the Laws of the Universe are coming to their rights in full this time, not human laws of the dual world that are incapable of existing in the new energies of Earth.

Remember this, my dear, and do not let your thoughts and emotions take their course.

Make it a habit to control them all the time so as not to fall out of high vibrations even for a minute but, consequently, be at the same wavelength with your planet, the one that will take you out to the new world of the Fifth dimension.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 6, 2022.

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  1. Chad says:

    What a great revelation. Now self control and nobility of character become more important than ever. Also the power of the sincere intentions aiming at the common good will be much more effective and significantly magnified by the high vibration of the Fifth dimension streaming down on Earth. Group meditations and prayers for peace will be extremely effective.


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